How to Grow on Medium in 2024 (And Be Successful)

By Matt Giaro

how to grow on medium and be successful

So you want to grow by writing on Medium?

If the answer is yes, then this growth guide will show you how.

I’m Matt Giaro, and I’m a top writer in several Medium categories, including productivity, writing, and creativity.

I’ve been one of the fastest growing accounts and gained over 18k followers in just 18 months.

And in this posts I’ll share with you how you can do the same.

How does writing on Medium work?

Medium is kind of a social media platform but for blogging.

It’s a platform for writers and readers that allows you to get discovered by over 60 million people.

Are you a writer or want to become one? Great! Medium allows you to publish your words and share your wisdom with a global audience. Just like that.

How does it work, you ask? You craft your story, you hit ‘Publish’, and voilà, your piece is live. Your audience can clap, comment, and engage with your work. Each interaction boosts your visibility, helping more readers discover your talent.

Remember, Medium isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

It’s a space to share your expertise and knowledge, build an audience, and yes, earn some cash.

Medium views vs reads

If you want to succeed on Medium you need to understand the difference between views and reads.

Because those are key metrics.

You might thing that there similar, but they aren’t.

A “view” on Medium is somewhere who clicked on your article. They may have read a line, a paragraph, or none at all. A view is the starting point, the first interaction a reader has with your piece.

Now, “reads” are the real deal.

This metric means a reader hung around. They soaked in your words, scrolled through your thoughts, and made it to the end. That’s a read, and it’s pure gold.

Medium calculates reads like this:

People who read your story for 30 seconds or more divided by total views.

Why? Because Medium loves readers, not just clickers. This platform appreciates engagement, rewarding writers who keep readers hooked till the last word. We’re talking about a place that cherishes quality over quantity.

This focus on reads over views changes the game. It encourages writers to create captivating, valuable content.

Think of it as quality control.

It pushes for thought-provoking stories that hold readers’ attention, fostering a community that appreciates depth and insight.

With Medium, it’s not about luring in the crowds. It’s about keeping the audience engaged, keeping them reading. That’s the secret sauce for growing as a writer on Medium. So, craft words that stick. Create content that resonates. Keep them reading.

That’s how you can grow as a writer on Medium.

How to get more views on medium

Most Medium writers agree that aiming for a 70% read ratio is the best way to get your article shown in front of a lot of people.

So, in order to get more views on medium, there are three crucial element said you need to get right.

The Story Title

Remember that medium is a newsfeed and nobody is going to read your article if your article title is not enticing enough. So what you want to do is to learn how to write great story titles.

One of the best ways to learn how to write great title faster is by simply looking at the popular content right now, and simply model the same headlines.

The Story Image

The next important factor in order to get more views on medium is to pick the right story image.

A lot of writers are using Unsplash or Pexels to illustrate the images.

Usually putting a picture of an attractive person attracts more clicks.

Story Intro

Just because someone clicked on your Medium article doesn’t mean that he’s going to read it. So the third factor that will highly impact the number reads on medium is writing a very tight and curiosity-driven introduction.

You want to avoid being long-winded, and directly jump into the meat and ideally start with some storytelling and establishing you as a credibility talking about the subject.

Medium Story editor

What to write on Medium To Grow

If you want to be grow on Medium as a writer, then you need to write about topics people care about on the platform.

There are topics that work very well on Medium, and others that don’t.

Medium has an audience for 9 large topics:

  1. Life
  2. Self-improvement
  3. Work
  4. Technology
  5. Software development
  6. Media
  7. Society
  8. Culture
  9. World

There are dozens of subcategories for each one of those main categories.

You can take a look at them right here.

grow on medium with these topics

Always keep an eye on popular tags on Medium.

These tags aren’t just trendy—they’re profitable too. They’re a signpost to the topics that are hot on Medium right now. But remember, Medium’s strength is its breadth. If you’re writing on a wide-ranging topic, you’re likely to find your audience here. If you’re diving deep into a narrow niche, like injury prevention for top athletes, consider other platforms. On Medium, the wider your reach, the wider your potential audience.

The bottom line: if you’re writing on a broad enough topic, then your audience is certainly on Medium.

However, if you write for very specific niches like how to prevent injuries for top athletes, then shooting for other platforms would be a wiser choice.

How to get started on Medium

Step one: sign up. Grab yourself a free account.

Step two: make it personal. Customize your profile. But remember, this isn’t a vanity project. It’s about grabbing your readers’ attention. You’ve got to give them a reason to follow you. A compelling, powerful reason that makes them hit that ‘Follow’ button.

Avoid fluff. “Cat lover” might make for cute conversation, but it won’t make readers stick around. Tell them why you’re worth their time. Are you an expert on productivity hacks? A tech guru? A wizard with words? Let them know.

You’re not just selling your writing. You’re selling a promise, an experience. You’re telling your readers, “Follow me, and I’ll give you insights, ideas, and stories you won’t find anywhere else.” Make them curious. Make them hungry for more.

The 6 Medium Growth Hacks To Be Successful

Once you’ve picked your niche, it’s time to understand how Medium works.

Master the headline

That’s the first thing people see. You need to become good at writing headlines people click on and deliver on the promise.

And let’s face it: readers judge the book by its cover. A drab headline, they skip. A catchy one, they click. Simple.

To win the click game, you must master headline crafting. It’s an art, it’s a science, and it can transform your Medium journey.

Think of your headline as a promise. It must hint at the value your article delivers. It must be captivating, engaging, and click-worthy. It’s the bait that hooks your reader.

So, don’t rush your headlines. Polish them until they shine. Be bold, be daring, be surprising. And always keep your reader in mind: what headline would make them stop scrolling and start reading?

Remember, Medium is not just about writing. It’s about capturing attention.

You could have the best article on the platform, but with a weak headline, nobody’s going to read it.

Hook the readers with your intro

The intro is your second headline.

It’s the hook that keeps readers on the line after a tantalizing headline. Your intro must pack a punch, carry your promise forward, and reel your readers in. If the headline is the bait, the intro is the tug that keeps your reader from swimming away.

Think your headline is enough? Think again. A stellar headline grabs attention, but a powerful intro keeps it. It’s like a one-two punch that gets your reader invested in your story.

Let’s take a bad intro for a spin: “Today, I’ll be discussing the tips and tricks of SEO.” Yawn, right? It’s generic. It doesn’t spark curiosity or promise any unique value.

Now, a killer intro: “Struggling to climb the SEO ladder? I’ve been there, stuck in the mud, watching others soar. But not anymore. I cracked the code, and I’m here to share the secret sauce.” See the difference? It’s personal, it’s intriguing, and it promises something valuable.

A weak intro is a missed opportunity. It can deflate the most exciting topic, turning potential fans into lost readers. But a strong intro? That’s your ticket to a loyal readership. It’s your chance to make a lasting impression, to captivate your audience, and to keep them reading until the very end.

Don’t let your intro be an afterthought. It deserves your time, your creativity, your best efforts. Make your intro irresistible. It’s the key to turning casual readers into dedicated followers on Medium. Get it right, and watch your Medium journey take off.

Let your text breathe

Text needs space. It needs to breathe. Picture your reader: they’re skimming, scanning, assessing. They’ll decide in seconds whether your article is worth their time.

So, your formatting must be reader-friendly.

Consider this blob of text:

bad medium text formatting

It’s dense, right? It’s hard to skim. It’s tiring to read. This formatting simply doesn’t invite the reader in.

Now, consider this:

To succeed on medium, you need to format your text the right way

It’s the same text, but with room to breathe. It’s broken up into digestible bites. It’s easy to skim. It’s inviting.

Formatting matters. Blocks of text are intimidating. They feel like work. But when your text breathes? It feels like a conversation. It feels easy.

So, break up your text:

  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use bold and italics
  • Use subheadings
  • Use bullet points
  • Use images

Make your article a feast for the eyes before it becomes food for thought.

Remember, your article isn’t just words. It’s a visual experience. And a well-formatted article is a pleasure to read. So, let your text breathe. Your readers will thank you. And they’ll keep coming back for more.

Use the right tags

Medium categorizes the content using tags.

They’re like road signs pointing readers to your work. They’re a Medium essential and a powerful tool in getting your work discovered by the right people.

Every story you publish on Medium can have up to five tags. Five opportunities to make your work visible in relevant categories. But remember, tagging is not a numbers game.

Go for the relevant, not the random.

If you’ve penned a piece on productivity hacks, tag it ‘Productivity’, not ‘Cats’. Irrelevant tags mislead readers and confuse the algorithm, resulting in fewer views. And that’s a no-go.

Tags are like bridges. They connect your work with the readers who are most likely to appreciate it. So, pick your tags with care. They can make the difference between your work being lost in the ocean of content or being found by readers who will truly value it.

Use the right tags, and your work will find its way to the right readers. It’s simple, but it’s powerful.

Be consistent

Writing on Medium is like any other platform. It’s a numbers game.

Consistency and Commitment: Your Medium Mantras

Medium isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. To succeed here, you need to stay consistent, remain committed, and be in it for the long haul.

Start by setting a routine. Write regularly, whether daily or weekly. More stories equal more opportunities for visibility and growth. It’s about refining your craft, finding your unique voice, and understanding what resonates with your audience. Aim to hit ‘Publish’ on at least ten stories. This simple goal will immerse you in the Medium waters and lay the foundation for your growth.

But remember, growth on Medium doesn’t come overnight. It’s a steady journey that requires serious commitment. Most successful Medium writers committed to the platform for at least 12 months. A year of persistent writing and publishing, day after day, week after week.

Consider writing three times daily your mantra. It’s a considerable commitment, but the rewards are monumental. From building a loyal audience to becoming a better writer, the benefits are worth every word.

However, Medium is not for those looking for instant gratification. If the thought of a 12-month commitment writing three times a day feels daunting, then Medium might not be your platform. It’s for those ready to roll up their sleeves, willing to stay patient, and put in consistent efforts.

Stay consistent if you want to grow on Medium. Boring advice, but the truth.

How to get published in Medium Publications to write and trigger growth

What are Medium publications?

Medium publications are like digital magazines. A collection of stories grouped around a theme or a topic. Tech, travel, poetry—you name it, there’s likely a Medium publication for it.

The beauty of these publications? They’re open to all. You can submit your story to any publication, provided it fits their guidelines and gets a thumbs-up from their editors. They hold the quality bar high, ensuring readers get top-notch content.

But the real game-changer? Reach. When your story is in a Medium publication, it gets the chance to land before a larger, wider audience. Imagine a spotlight on your work, attracting readers who might have otherwise missed it.

The bonus? Some Medium publications offer a boosting feature. Submit your story, and if it catches the editors’ eyes, it could get a boost. Think of it as a supercharge to your story’s visibility. But we’ll dive deeper into that soon.

In a nutshell, Medium publications are your ticket to greater visibility, engagement, and growth on Medium. So, consider them as you plot your Medium journey. They might just be your secret weapon.

How to find publications on Medium

Hunting for Medium publications? It’s a breeze. Start by diving into the categories you’re keen on writing about. Browse some articles, see what catches your eye.

When you spot an article you like, look at the top of the piece. You’ll see something like “Published in [Publication Name]”. That’s it. You’ve found a Medium publication that aligns with your writing interests.

Now, click on the publication name and head over to their “Write for us” section. You’ll find the guidelines and how to apply to become a writer for them. Be sure to stick to the guidelines to get your story approved.

Repeat this process, gather a list of potential publications, and explore each of them. Check out their guidelines, their style, their audience. Find your best fit.

Finding publications on Medium is as simple as exploring and observing. Immerse yourself in the Medium ecosystem, and you’ll soon discover a world of publications ready to showcase your work. It’s as easy as pie.

How to get boosted on Medium And Grow Even Faster

What is Medium Boost?

Are you familiar with Medium Boost?

If not, it’s time to get acquainted. Medium Boost is a new feature designed to put high-quality stories in the limelight, helping authors reach a broader audience. The beauty of Boost? It doesn’t care about your follower count.

It’s all about the content quality!

How to get boosted?

Boost is an incredible new feature Medium rolled out a few months ago to help you grow faster.

Think of it as a three-step dance. Step one, community curators, including publication editors, recommend stories for Boost. Step two, Medium’s internal curation team validates these recommendations, adhering to the platform’s distribution standards. Step three, these chosen stories receive additional distribution across Medium, reaching readers who would appreciate them.

Now, here’s the kicker: you don’t need to be part of a Medium publication to get boosted. Sure, being in a publication can help, but it’s not a must. As per Medium guidelines, Boost focuses on the story, not the platform it’s published on. If your story is top-notch, it can catch the Boost wave, irrespective of where it’s published.

To be eligible for Boost, your story should tick specific boxes: it

needs to be constructive, original, insightful, well-crafted, and memorable. It’s all about enriching the Medium community with engaging, valuable content.

So, whether you’re flying solo or writing for a publication, Medium Boost is your chance to increase your story’s visibility. It rewards stellar writing and insightful ideas, aiming to deepen readers’ understanding of the world.

So, focus on creating top-notch content. If your story shines, Boost could be just around the corner, ready to amplify your reach on Medium. So, write away. Your chance to shine brighter on Medium is just a Boost away.

How to make money on Medium?

There are two ways: either through the Partner Program or by selling your own stuff.

The Medium Partner Program: Your New Passport to Earnings

The Medium Partner Program is a revenue sharing model.

Readers pay a $5/month subscription to read unlimited stories on Medium. Medium shares a fraction of this with the writers to keep the platform ad-free.

Sounds tempting? Before you jump in, there are certain conditions to meet.

First off, you must be in an eligible country. Medium Partner Program payments are currently available to writers in specific regions. You can check the eligibility list on Medium’s help center.

Second, you must have published stories and remain active at least every 6 months. The Partner Program rewards active writers, those who have shared their thoughts and tales on Medium. The more you’ve written, the better.

Third condition, you need to be at least 18 years old.

And fourth condition, you need to become a Medium member for $5/month.

If you tick all these boxes, you’re all set to join the Medium Partner Program. It’s a chance to monetize your passion, to earn from your words.

Selling your own stuff

The second way to monetize your writing on Medium is to sell your own stuff. By that I mean: online courses, consultations, or coaching.To do that you have to options. Either by building your email list or by directly promoting your products or services.

Email lists are gold.

They’re your direct line to your readers, a chance to share updates, offer insights, and promote your products. You can include call-to-actions at the end of your articles to encourage readers to subscribe. Grow your list, and you grow your potential customer base.

And if you have a product to sell—be it your services or digital products like courses or ebooks—Medium is a great place to promote them. Add links to your product pages, subtly nudging your readers towards them. Don’t worry about getting penalized by the algorithm—as long as you’re not heavily salesy or solely promoting your product, you’re good.

That’s the hard way. But the one that you need to follow if you want to build a real business.

FAQ: Medium Growth Unlocked

What’s the best time to post on Medium?

Would James Clear have become a best-selling author if he had published at 7 PM or 12 AM? There’s no correlation. A great article works no matter the time published.

How often to post on Medium?

If you’re just getting started with writing, changes are you need to embrace the learning curve. I would aim for at least 3 blogs per week to start getting your reps in. The more you practice, the better you become.

What are the most popular topics on Medium in 2024?

The most profitable topics on Medium are tech (coding, artificial intelligence, etc.), health, wealth (work, money, etc.) and relationships.

What are the most profitable Medium topics in 2024?

Profitability and making money with the Medium Partner Program goes back to read time. The more read time you get, the more you get paid. This goes back to the profitable and popular topics I mentioned earlier.

How to get 1,000 followers on Medium?

Write at least 3 articles per week in your niche. Publish in publications. Rinse and repeat for the next 4 months.

How much do I promote myself on Medium?

There’s no need to join groups to follow each another. When you know how to write compelling stories people want to read, you’ll get traction automatically thanks to the Medium algorithm.

How much does Medium pay per view?

Medium does not pay per view. It pays per reads. 

Is Medium good for beginners or is it better to start a blog?

Medium is great if you’re just getting started at writing online. The reason? You tap into a pool of 60 million readers. Whereas publishing on your blog takes a bunch of SEO skills, Medium allows you to get almost instant visibility if your content performs well (views/reads.)

Is it hard to get followers on Medium?

When you get started, it is. However, the more better you become at your craft, the more people are going to follow you, the more you’re going to grow. Medium is like any other platform. The most important thing to keep pushing forward is about you enjoying the writing process, being consistent, and becoming better.

Should I buy followers on Medium?

No, never. You want to become so good that you don’t need to buy them.

How to write for Medium publications?

  1. Identify the publication you want to write for.
  2. Head over to their “Write For Us” tab.
  3. Ask to get approved as a writer (every publication has a specific process. Mostly it’s filling out a form or just sending an email).
  4. Once accepted, write your story and submit it to the publication and wait for their approval. The editors will let you know about the outcome.

Can anyone publish on Medium?

Yes, anyone can publish on Medium as long as you follow the guidelines.

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