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🙅‍♂️ You’re taking notes the WRONG way – Here’s why (popular Medium post)

How to takes notes, the right way (popular Medium Post)

🗒 How to take book notes in Obsidian (the easy way) (Medium post)

How to generate great new ideas with Obsidian’s Graph View (Youtube video)

🗃 How to start your digital Zettelkasten (Youtube video) (or Medium article)

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💎 Content Creators: This is your most important asset (hint: it’s NOT your email list!) (Medium article published in “The Book Mechanic”)

🔋 How to build a sustainable content creation routine (Medium Article published in “Start It Up”)


😳 5 tips to become a successful INTJ Entrepreneur (Youtube video)

💡 Too many ideas not enough focus (Youtube video)

🌪 How to narrow down your niche (Youtube video)

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