6 Proven Ways To Write Better Content (That Nobody Wants To Hear)

By Matt Giaro

The framework I used to make 6 figures working from home

Writing online can change your life.

It certainly did for me. It allowed me to build a profitable email list and sell online courses on autopilot.

And this might be your dream, too.

But it comes at a hidden price tag most gurus won’t tell ya.

It takes a damn lot of work to finally be able to crush it, get noticed, and most importantly, make money with it.

Because nobody’s born being a great writer. Instead, the magic happens when you know how to become better day after day.

Let’s see how to shortcut the process.

How to burn great writing into your neurons

I got this one from a guy to whom one out of three homes in America sent money.

His name? Gary Halbert.

Gary wrote a series of 25 letters to his son Bond while in prison. One of the pieces of advice he gave was this one: Write good copy out by hand.

The reason? It helps your mind imprint the process of good writing.

You see, many people try to theorize everything. But sometimes you just need to get a gut feeling for how to do things. You do it automatically without thinking about the “rule”.

I wrote down his 25 letters by hand:

Spy on the best writers

Burning your neurons with the traits of good copy is great.

But sometimes, we need more context. We need someone who can explain the mechanics behind the machine. But when starting out, you don’t have all the mental tools to uncover certain subtleties.

You need the wrench. You need the screwdriver. That’s why you want to buy the right toolbox.

The right tools for a writer are mental models. To improve, you want to be able to think like successful writers. Every donkey can type on a keyboard. But it takes mental skills to know what to do and how to do it.

Make a list of people whom you admire reading from. Get your hands on everything they put out there: courses, interviews, etc.

Understand their thinking process.

Once you understand how they operate, you simply click and clone the algorithm into your brain.

Spit on the numbers

The worst part about starting to write online? Plain ignorance.

We all crave social approval. But when getting started, be prepared to get kicked in the balls. Nobody will care about your articles you spent hours writing.

Stop putting salt on the wound: Don’t check your stats like a dopamine junkie hitting refresh every 5 minutes.

Watching your read count oscillate within one-digit numbers does more harm than anything else.

Ignore the data and focus on the process.

Measure like the pros

This is a big one.

For years, I’ve been creating content in a vacuum. I created based on what I wanted to write about. Sometimes I hit home runs. But I was stupid not to capitalize and create more of what resonated with the market.

The reason? I didn’t know.

In the previous section, I told you to ignore the numbers when starting out.

But when you start getting some traction, analyzing the numbers every month starts to make sense.

There’s a time to assess your numbers.

But only after you have been spinning the wheel for quite a bit.

Numbers start to make sense when they hit the magic 1,000 mark. Don’t ask me why. I suck at math. I still count on my fingers. But I heard stat gurus say this.

Hitting 1,000 views can take time. It’s okay to start assessing with 100. Anything else is insignificant.

Bribe your writing mentors

You’re not the center of the universe. Nor am I.

Why do I say this? Because most people think they are. That’s why they shamelessly spam the inboxes of people they want to work with.

I hate when people don’t value my time. And I’m sure, you do too.

And as the good ol’ saying goes: “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.”

So instead of being an annoying spammer, be a pro.

Value their time. Acknowledge the fact they’re working hard and have been putting in years to reach where they are.

Don’t ask for free advice. Ask how much they’d charge for coaching.

Nothing trumps custom-tailored feedback.

Don’t write like a selfish jerk

Writing is a great way to express what you feel and think.

But this does not mean that you should journal in public. Journaling is one thing. Writing is another.

Instead, it’s all about understanding what the market wants to read. Does that mean that all your content has to be a dry and boring how-to tutorial?

Absolutely not.

Mix in personal stories. But always solve a problem.

Nobody cares about your life unless you’re Lady Gaga.

What are you waiting for?

Becoming a great writer comes down to:

  • Learning
  • Applying
  • Iterating

It’s easier to iterate when you have someone who can give you an outside perspective.

Great writers know how to apply those concepts on autopilot.

Now, it’s your turn.

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