4 Reasons Why Your AI-Generated Content Sucks (And How to Fix It)

By Matt Giaro


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Are you frustrated using ChatGPT to write content faster?

I certainly was.

I saw so many creators bragging about the killer content they were able to generate with ChatGPT. But when I was using it the outputs felt like a slap in my pretty face. 

So I went down a rabbit hole and spent over 104 hours prompting it, and turned it into my new writing assistant.

Today, ChatGPT is my writing assistant and helps me create 3 times as much content in half the time.

You’re using the wrong version

Does your account statement show a $20/mo OpenAI subscription?

If not, then you’re using an outdated version of ChatGPT.

It’s like when you use a basic version of a game or an app. The free ones don’t have all the cool stuff, right? That’s because OpenAI charges for it.

I’d be pissed if a free user would get the same quality/level or service as me paying for it. Plain logic.

You can’t get good results using the free version. ChatGPT’s gems are locked behind their latest model, which you can only get by entering your card info.

Upgrade or die tryin’.

Your prompts are garbage

AI is only as good as the instructions you give it.

The problem? Creating good prompts takes a damn lot of time.

I started to use ChatGPT like every other person out there. Write a few instructions and see the garbage output. Close the window. Blame ChatGPT.

Bloody wrong.

As with anything, the value you get is proportional to the time and effort you invest. It’s like using a bike. If you don’t know how to pedal and steer, you can’t blame the bike.

To create better prompts, always include:
– Role (How should ChatGPT act?)
– Context (What are you trying to achieve?)
– Instructions (How many words? What style or tone?)

Bottom line: Learn how to write better prompts.

You don’t know what you want

AI tools are like high-end cameras.

Owning one doesn’t make you a pro photographer. Your vague ‘take a cool picture’ is ChatGPT’s ‘write something interesting about space.’ You’re going to get something back, sure, but is it what you really wanted? Yikes

Instead, you need to learn what makes a good picture, article, or whatever you want to create. That’s why skills are still mandatory. A skilled human who uses AI will always kick the pants of an unskilled one.

Here’s how this beast (really) works: Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are text gurus, trained on billions of text combinations. They spot patterns and spit out text that matches these patterns.

If you want better from ChatGPT, learn your craft. It’s like guiding a blindfolded friend. ‘Move a bit to the left’ is way better than ‘just go somewhere.’ Nail down exactly what you want in your prompts. Looking for an article on black holes? Say so. Want a story set on Mars? Mention it.

ChatGPT can’t read minds (yet). But it can follow clear directions. And to give clear directions, you need to know what you want.

You’re only relying on ChatGPT to get ideas

ChatGPT is dumb.

And if you rely on a donkey to come up with great ideas, good luck.

Sure, ChatGPT is a whiz at churning out text, but here’s the catch: it’s echoing back the world’s ideas, not creating new ones. It’s nothing else than a digital parrot, mimicking patterns it’s seen in the data it’s fed.

If you’re looking for groundbreaking, fresh-out-of-the-oven ideas, sorry to burst your bubble, but ChatGPT is not your golden ticket.

Think of it this way: ChatGPT works by rifling through a gigantic pile of text it’s learned from and piecing together something that fits your ask. It’s like building a collage from magazine clippings. Sure, it can be creative, but it’s limited to what’s already out there. Your unique spark, your ‘Eureka!’ moment? That’s on you.

So, next time you’re brainstorming, don’t just type a ‘give me ideas’ prompt into ChatGPT. Start with your own raw, maybe even half-baked, thoughts. Mold them a bit, then let ChatGPT help refine and expand them.

Seed your own ideas; use ChatGPT to water them.

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