The Radical Way to Write Articles Faster (Even When You’re Short on Time)

By Matt Giaro

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Are you looking for a way to write blog articles faster?

Writing a lot of articles doesn’t need to suck out all your spare time.

You might have a full-time job. Or, like me, physical limitations like back pain that simply don’t allow you to sit 8 hours straight at a desk to bleed in front of your keyboard.

Here’s my updated process to churn out articles in under 30 minutes.

I’ve been writing articles on the internet for over a decade, and here’s my updated process to churn out articles in under 45 minutes.

As a result, you’ll be able to write more articles and grow your audience faster.

1. Capture your Article ideas on the go

I usually sit down at 7 AM to write my articles.

Problem: Trying to squeeze out an article at that time is like getting the last drop of an almost-empty toothpaste tube. Just doesn’t work.

I’m a grouchy grinch at wake-up.

Like an old-timer, it takes time for my gears to start grinding. Add to this that I found that my best ideas don’t pop up when I’m chained to my desk. Instead, they strike during walks or as I’m driving, and sometimes in moments too embarrassing to mention.

Double problem.

Take this article, for instance. The idea didn’t come in the silence of the morning sitting at a keyboard. It came at 5:28 PM during my daily walk.

The solution? Recording the idea as I have it.

There are two ways I save my content ideas:

Number 1: I either create a new note with the idea by typing it and saving it straight into my note-taking app.

Number 2: I pull out my phone and record it. (That’s what I’ve done with this article. More on that, later.)

Save your breakthroughs as they come. It’s the simplest way to ensure you never run out of content ideas when you have to sit down and write.

Our brains are wired to be idea factories, not storage units.

2. Write Your Shitty First Article Draft Like Speedy Gonzales

I used to think writing was a marathon, but I’ve since learned it’s a sprint, especially the first draft.

Here’s what I do: I start with a headline, just a few well-chosen words that set the hook.

Then, with the clock ticking, I dive into my notes. These aren’t just scribbles; they’re a distillation of everything I know. Within 2-5 minutes, I scrape together an outline that will guide me from start to finish and make sure the article fulfills its promise.

I then take this to AI. I wrote over 100,000 words with it and fine-tuned the process to make it sound like me.

AI is my co-pilot. With my outline as the runway, I let artificial intelligence take off, turning my framework into a rough draft. It’s not perfect. It’s not meant to be. But it’s a start. Something that saves me 30 minutes per article and doesn’t drain my mental bandwidth.

The goal isn’t about copying and pasting AI content and throwing it out there. It’s about having a starting point to start editing. That’s where I spend 70% of my time.

Use AI to draft your article in 2 minutes.

3. Write Faster Using Voice Dictation

On some of my walks or drivings, I feel like Superman.

Ideas are flowing so much that I think I’m having idea diarrhea. But typing would eat up too much time and cause me to run into strangers or break my ankle.

Safety first: Talking’s faster than typing.

That’s why I use a voice dictation app like It’s like jotting down notes without needing a pen.

I dictated this article during my daily walk:

When I’m on the go and ideas start to flow, I don’t fumble for a keyboard. I open the app and spill my thoughts out loud. It catches every word. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s ready 24/7 to jot down my every word; no coffee breaks needed.

Editing comes later.

That’s when I take the rough edges of my spoken words and smooth them into written gold. And if it’s a bit messy, I lean on ChatGPT to tidy up. It’s like having a cleaner for your thoughts, turning a rambling voice note into a sharp article.

Next time you’ve got something to say, just say it out loud. Let robots do the heavy lifting.

4. Throw Half of What You Wrote in the Bin

Editing is what separates bad from great writing.

I learned this from master copywriters like Gary Halbert.

Editing isn’t just about grammar and punctuation. The part where you should spend the most of your time writing is by editing… Your first draft is clay, not porcelain. It’s meant to be molded.

When I edit, here’s some of what I do:

  • Simplify complex sentences
  • Adding personal stories
  • Deleting repetitions

Pro tip: Never edit your articles the same day you wrote them. Let ’em breathe for a few days so that you can edit them with a fresh eye.

Trim the fat; keep the muscle.

5. Give the P**** Word the Finger

I used to chase perfection like a cat after a laser pointer.

But perfect is the enemy of done.

Stop thinking that you can produce quality and quantity. The market is the real judge, not your inner critic. You could polish a piece for days, but it’s your audience that’ll give you the real grade. If you hide all of your drafts, you’ll never get that crucial feedback.

As a result, you’ll keep spinning your wheels.

So, publish. Even if it’s a diamond in the rough, throw it out there.

Some articles you thought were duds? They might just be sleeper hits. It happens to me all the time. I now know that I don’t know what quality is.

The market will tell me.

And when something clicks, iterate, refine, and republish. Over time, you’ll have a treasure trove of content that’s not just good; it’s proven.

Writing a lot of articles is easy when you apply this simple process. 

Now go ahead and make things happen!

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