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5 Highly-Effective Ways to Find Original Content Ideas

By Matt Giaro


Many writers feel creatively bankrupt.

I used to be one of them. I felt merely rehashing what others were saying but in a less compelling way. As a result, I felt like a fraud.

Everything changed when I started setting up an idea-generation process. It helped me come up with a consistent flow of fresh content ideas. As a result, I have too many ideas to write about.

Here’s how to come up with an (almost) unlimited stream of interesting content ideas.


I always take a nap in the afternoon.

But I never fall asleep right away. Instead, my brain comes up with a bunch of content ideas. That groggy pre-nap phase is where I find a bunch of cool ideas. When you’re drifting off, the usual mental filters take a break, and your imagination goes into overdrive.

Science backs this up. That drowsy state lets your brain make unique connections, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Sometimes, taking a break is actually more productive than staring at a screen.

Take naps.

Look at something else than a screen

I have back pain and sit too much. So I go on daily walks and try to reach 10k steps each day.

On almost every walk, I get a half-dozen ideas.

This doesn’t only happen on walks. But also when I drive.

That’s your brain playing a neat trick. When you’re walking or behind the wheel, your mind shifts gears. You’re focused but not too focused, like a camera lens blurring the background to highlight the subject.

This semi-automatic state is prime time for creativity.

Next time you’re out for a walk or driving, don’t listen to a podcast or audiobook. Instead, let your mind drift. Don’t force it. Just observe your thoughts as they come and go. You might stumble upon your next big content idea at the next street corner or traffic light.

Using a robot (Nope, NOT ChatGPT!)

I don’t only have back problems but also neck problems – the kind that comes from hours hunched over a computer.

So I never refuse a good massage. But I never go to massage salons because they’re often secret brothels.

Instead, I picked up a $40 Shiatsu massager. A 15-minute automated massage can do wonders. While it’s working out those knots, my brain starts churning out ideas.

It’s like each press and roll not only eases the pain but also presses the ‘idea release’ button in my brain. In this relaxed, pain-free state, my mind wanders. It’s a stark contrast to the usual coffee-fueled, stare-at-the-screen method.

My Shiatsu massager isn’t just a savior for my neck. It’s my secret brainstorming partner.

Using This polarizing Note-Taking app

You might hate or love me after this.

The reason? I use a highly controversial note-taking app called Obsidian. People either hate it or love it.

But if you’re a content creator and haven’t explored Obsidian’s graph view, you’re missing out on a visual brainstorming powerhouse.

It’s like having a bird’s-eye view of your brain’s content map. Each note, each idea, interconnected in a web of creativity – it’s both beautiful and functional.

Here’s how it works for me: I dump all my thoughts, research, snippets, and half-baked ideas into Obsidian. Then, I switch to the graph view to explore related notes.

It’s like watching the stars align.

Connections I never saw before became glaringly obvious. It’s not just a bunch of random notes anymore; it’s a galaxy of ideas, each star linked to another, forming constellations of content possibilities.

Imagine seeing your thoughts laid out like this. It’s not just organizing; it’s visualizing your creative landscape.

And the best part?

You can see how different ideas might weave together into something new and original, like an article or an online course.

Use a note-taking system that allows you to see how ideas connect together.

What to do next

Got a bunch of ideas from your naps, walks, drives, massages, and Obsidian graphs?


But what now? It’s like having a fridge full of ingredients and no recipe. Here’s the simple yet crucial next step: the brain dump app on your phone.

Every time a new idea pops up, save it in your app. I personally use Bear. (Because Obsidian sucks on mobile.) But you could use any other app that floats your boat.

Then, when it’s time to create content, you’re not starting from scratch. You open your “content ideas” folder/tag and pick one. It’s like going to a buffet prepared just for you, filled with your own handpicked dishes. The hard part—coming up with ideas—is already done. Now, you just choose one and run with it.

I have over 1,250+ content ideas sitting in my app:

Hard to run out of ideas when you have so many ideas you can talk about.

Find More & Better Content Ideas

It’s not about forcing your brain to come up with ideas. It’s about harvesting the right idea when it comes to you.

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