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The Simple Note-Taking System I Use to Create Content 10x Faster

By Matt Giaro

Copy this system. Stop agonizing in front of your keyboard. Enjoy the internet lifestyle.

Creating content faster is a cheat code to get noticed.

Because, let’s be real: the internet is too crowded. Your competitors are already churning out content like robots.

The only way to stand out is to publish both quantity and quality.

That’s one of the secret reasons I turned my notes into a content-generating supermachine.

Instead of writing an article in 2 hours, I spit out that bad boy in just 20 stupid minutes. As a result, creating 5 articles per week is easy-peasy.

I’ve fine-tuned this method over the past 3 years. And you can make it yours in just 5 minutes.

Use this for:
– emails
– articles
– sales pages
– whatever content you’d like to create

Let me pull back the curtain for you.

1. Introducing a hybrid system

The system has two components to it.

On one side, I have a capturing app that acts like a scratchboard and is only here to save ideas.

Then, I have a permanent knowledge base where I store long-term content and finished content ideas.

The reason I use two apps is that I don’t want to clog my knowledge base with too much information. Less is more.

I use Bear to capture my notes because it’s fast and works on any device.

My knowledge base app is Obsidian. It has awesome features and is free. (You’ll see why they’re a game-changer later on.)

Stop being a parrot

How many notes do you take each day?


The worst thing you could do is save those notes verbatim. That’s wallpapering your digital walls with someone else’s art. You’re not creating anything new; you’re just a glorified librarian.

How to go from librarian to creative superstar? Rewrite everything.

Don’t just save. By forcing yourself to put it into your words, you move from hoarding information to owning it.

Remembering ideas (and reusing them in your content) depends on how you initially process information.

Rewriting puts your brain in overdrive, creating stronger memory cues for later. Ever heard about the Dual Coding Theory?

So when I read a killer article, I don’t copy the “best tips.” Instead, I jot down what I think the writer got dead right and what they missed, all in my own words.

Next time you come across a nugget of wisdom, rewrite it. Digest it and spit it back out in a way that makes sense to you.

This isn’t just note-taking; it’s note-making.

The secret behind micro-notes

Are your notes a complete mess and disorganized?

One day you write a 4,000-word note, and another just 4 words? That’s because you don’t have standards.

Instead of leaving each note to randomness, it’s time to start creating micro-notes.

The concept is simple. Use one note for one idea.

No rambling paragraphs or mixed-up bullet points. Imagine each note as a single Lego block. Simple, sure, but infinitely combinable.

You want to write a killer article?

Just stack these bad boys in the right order. For instance, this very section started as a micro-note titled “The Power of Micro-notes.”

Here’s what you do: The next piece of content you consume, break it down into individual ideas and jot each one down as a separate note. Those notes will then help you think sharper, be clearer in your content, and create content faster.

Welcome to the era of modular thinking.

Organizing Your Notes for Ferrari-Fast Retrieval

Tags and folders are note-taking stone age.

I tried to find the perfect classification system for years and failed miserably. Messy notes. Never revisited. Information hoarder. Ouch.

Then, I heard about links.

The concept is simple: instead of coming up with tags and folders all the time, all you do is add a link to relevant notes that’s already in your system. Then, when it comes time to find related notes, all you have to do is follow the links.


Links are a silent game-changer in how to organize your notes. It allows your notes to organize themselves.

I don’t need to worry about finding anything again because links do the heavy lifting for me.

I only have to pull up the graph view and see all my connections. No classification whatsoever.

Links also allow ideas from different fields to collide together.

That’s like Viagra for creativity.

Stop Forgetting Your Best Ideas

Still relying on your brain to remember ideas?

That’s like storing your life savings under your mattress. We’ve all had that “Eureka!” moment, only to forget it faster than last season’s catchphrase. Your memory isn’t a steel trap; it’s a sieve.

That’s why I’ve automated my idea-capturing process.

I’ve set up custom shortcuts on my phone that feed directly into my note-capturing app. It’s like having a direct line from my brain to my digital storage.

capturing notes to create content faster

I get most of my content ideas for articles or emails during my daily walks. But when I’m in front of a computer, my creativity juice goes 10 feet under the earth.

So, I’d be stupid not to record my ideas on the go. When it comes time to sit down and write, I simply open my capturing app and scroll through it, pick one idea, and run with it.

Here’s how you can do the same: Set up a shortcut on your phone that leads straight to your note-taking app. Make it so easy that it becomes second nature to store ideas instantly, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Capture your best ideas as soon as you have them.

Bonus: Write Without Typing

So you think the only way to write is by sitting in front of a computer and clacking away at the keyboard?

That’s like saying you can only make phone calls from a landline. Good morning. It’s the 21st century.

You can write without typing. I use AI tools that transcribe my spoken words into text. No more waiting to get back to my desk to jot down an idea.

I simply speak into my phone while on a walk. A few seconds, and that rambling transforms into text I can edit.

Download a voice-to-text app like Otter. It’s free and will save a ton of time.

Next time inspiration hits, hit the record button and start speaking. Your morning jog or commute just became writing prime time.

Attract your audience faster

Having such a lightning process allowed me to:

Don’t you think it could help you, too?

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