How Introverts Can Build a Quiet 6-Figure Income by Creating Content on the Internet

By Matt Giaro


I have failed at 4 different online businesses since 2012.

One of the main reasons? I ignored my introversion and tried to play a game that I was doomed to lose.

I burned out two times trying to sell over the phone or running a six-figure e-commerce brand that I deeply hated.

But I finally found the best way to make money on the internet by creating content as an introvert.

Here are 12 years of painful lessons distilled in a 5-minute read.

Decide on a Problem You Want to Solve

Humans are selfish jerks.

Nobody cares about your expertise, hobbies, or passions. Get this out of your head.

Instead, what people care about is whether you can solve their problems. And they will gladly send you money if you can.

Start with an expertise, a passion, or a hobby. This will allow you to stay motivated for the long haul. But please plug it into a problem so that people care. Otherwise, you’ll end up broke.

I have a bunch of marketing and tech skills. For the average Joe, those skills don’t seem to be worth more than a $5 gig on Fiverr. But stacked together for folks who want to monetize their expertise while keeping their full-time job, my skill stack is worth gold.

You have a golden skill stack, too. Glue it together, and ask yourself how they can solve a painful problem.

Because your content isn’t worth a dime if it doesn’t solve one.

Never transgress this rule

Social media is a circus, and you’re not the clown.

Tired of scrolling through Elon’s Trolling Platform or Devil Bill’s Job Hunter’s Board?

Here’s a newsflash: As an introvert, your forte isn’t in superficial social chit-chat—it’s in meaningful, in-depth conversations. So why compete in a space that exhausts you?

My rule is simple: If I don’t enjoy doing it, I ditch it. One of the reasons I’m creating content is because I enjoy the process. Take that away, and I may end up working on an assembly chain.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are introverts who crush it on social media. But I’m not one of them.

I was forced to open a Fakebook account when I was in high school to be kept in the loop about university updates. But damn, I always hated it. Never interacted. Until Lord Zuckerberg banned me back in 2020. Good riddance.

Instead of doom-scrolling, I thrive on writing long-form content. That’s where the magic happens. While the rest of the world is busy playing the attention game, you can attract people who are actively searching for your expertise.

With SEO, YouTube, or Medium articles, you’re not chasing people. They’re coming to you.

Gurus are lying when they say that you need to be everywhere. It’s not about being everywhere and dancing like a clown. It’s about being in the right places and creating content you enjoy. Else, you’ll burn out.

Skip the circus. Become the main act in a theater where people have actually bought tickets to see you.

Outthink your competition

The internet is full of first drafts.

But introverts have a superpower: digging deep.

We’re wired to explore topics in-depth. We’d rather have one long, thoughtful conversation than waste time on meaningless small talk.

I’ve found my knack in demystifying complex and overwhelming subjects. I can go deep on a tool or topic and then cut through the noise.

That’s also why people buy my stuff.

They’d much rather engage with someone who digs deep than with someone who skims the surface.

Find time to explore your expertise and go deep. A note-taking system like I teach you right here is a secret ally in that.

Go deep or go home.

The best frequency to publish content

Consistency is a secret weapon for making loads of cash on the Internet.

But most people show up every now and then. The reason? They have no process. They think that creating content has to do with being inspired. Soz.

I force myself to publish every day. I always have a bunch of ideas I want to explore and share. So do I. But I always have a backup system filled with templates, notes, and other tricks to be consistent, even when I’m totally exhausted.

The logic behind publishing daily is simple. Each piece of content is a brick towards building a solid relationship with your audience.

When you write every day, you’re telling your audience, “Hey, I’m here, and I’ve got something valuable for you.”

Because, let’s face it: Trust is not built overnight. It’s built one touchpoint at a time.

The easiest way to start writing daily is to simply make it a habit. I have a lot of back pain and get my best ideas on my daily walks. So when you don’t have time, use apps like Otter and dictate what you have in your head. Then, ask ChatGPT to turn this into an article.

Nothing trumps a daily content process.

Turn what you learn into money you can earn

Overthinking is the introvert’s national sport.

We can think so hard, we’d put a chess grandmaster to shame.

But here’s the kicker—your ruminating is only as good as your ability to capture and apply those insights. Otherwise, you’re just a hamster on a wheel: lots of effort, zero distance.

I consume content like it’s my job—because it is. After failing miserably in turning the content I consume into content, I got a breakthrough in 2020 and created a note-taking system that allowed me to turn insights into value.

I don’t let swirl things I learn down the drain anymore. My notes are my second brain.

So, you read something good? Save it.
You hear a podcast that changes your perspective? Note it down.

Don’t let your overthinking be in vain. Make it your content goldmine.

Create a simple system to capture what you learn and revisit your notes at least once a week to create content.

Turn your overthinking into overachieving.

Put your expertise into a digital product

My worst nightmare? Networking.

The internet allows people like us to reach millions from our basements.

Heck, I write this article in my briefs on my recliner and know that, thanks to internet magic, thousands will end up reading it.

That’s why I love online courses: you can launch them from home without having to talk to anybody.

I remember the first course I launched. It was about how to find a profitable business idea in 7 days or less. (We’re talking 2012ish here.)

It tanked. I made 2 sales (One of them was a $1 trial). I failed miserably. But over time, I started to understand what makes a good product and what doesn’t.

Digital products represent 90% of my income today.


with zero handshakes or interacting with 100 strangers a day. Simply by creating long-form content and sending out daily emails.

Bonus Tip: Ride the Trend

Trends are like high-speed elevators to the roof.

Introverts aren’t typically the ones chasing the limelight or riding the hype train.

I was late to the AI hype. But after spending 100+ hours toying with ChatGPT, it turned into a great way to create content faster.

Result? A 5-figure launch of my new course: AI BLOGGER.

The trick is to weave these trends into your already deep, value-packed content. You’re not changing your message; you’re just framing it in a context that’s already grabbing eyeballs. It’s like translating your expertise into the language of the moment.

Your action step: Identify a trending topic in your niche. Integrate it into your next piece of content, be it a blog post, a video, or a course module.

Trends are trampolines.

Final thoughts

I see too many introverts playing the wrong game online.

It’s not about copying what worked for others. It’s about finding the best way that works for you.

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