How I’m Growing My Email List on Autopilot With This Abandoned Content Strategy

By Matt Giaro

Watch your list grow every day (without the grind)

Money’s in the list.

But building your list is damn hard (and as slow as watching grass grow).

What if I told you that you could automate the process and watch your list grow every day without having to lift a single finger?

Clickbait? Absolutely not.

Because I’ve been using this same strategy every day since 2014 across many of my businesses. And you know what? It still works like charm.

Give social media the finger

Everyone wants to grow on social media.

It’s the digital cocktail party where everyone’s yelling but nobody’s listening.

It is a pure nightmare for an introvert like me. I’d rather write content in my basement and let Google do the heavy lifting for me.

Enter: SEO. Yep, that overlooked acquisition method that most modern creators spit on.

Why SEO? Simple. I get to do what I love in my own time without having to rack my brain on social media.

Is it really slower than social? Not really. Most creators spend months growing their follower count to something significant (a few thousand subscribers).

But with the right methodology, you can rank on Google in a matter of a few weeks (even with a brand new website).

Writing SEO-optimized posts is like planting seeds and letting them grow, minus the chit-chat with navel-gazing strangers on Elon’s trolling platform.

SEO is free long-term traffic on autopilot.

Finding the right keywords (to rank easily)

Keyword research is your make-or-break in the SEO rodeo.

Instead of writing about generic keywords, the key is to be specific.

In my business, I tackle a lot of different topics. One of them is email marketing. But I didn’t write a single article that targeted that specific keyword. The reason? All the spots are already gone.

Instead, I go deep into email author reviews like Beehiiv vs. Convertkit. Those are keywords my audience searches for and are overlooked by the big SEO players.

Now, how do you find keywords you can rank for? Simply head over to Google and look at what pops up in the search bar.

If you want to go fancy, you can use an overpriced SEO keyword tool.

Keywords are key.

Brute force the Google algorithm

So you’ve got the keywords; what’s next?

You’ve got to show Google and the world that you’re the go-to guy in your field. No, not the one-hit wonder. I’m talking about being the Bruce Springsteen of your niche, an evergreen legend, if you will.

This isn’t about just writing one killer article. It’s about owning the entire stage, front to back.

I have over 30 articles that talk about note-taking alone. Because note-taking is the backbone of my content creation. So instead of just writing one article about it, I went deep and covered a lot of different topics (in different articles).

Google’s algorithms are getting smarter by the day. They can smell a phony from miles away, and they love a genuine expert. When you cover a topic from every angle, you’re not just playing the game; you’re changing it. The search engine will start treating you like the VIP you are.

Become the go-to expert.

Write an article that Google will love

You’ve got your keywords, and you’re building authority like the mob builds casinos.

Now, let’s talk structure, because, believe it or not, how you say it is almost as important as what you’re saying.

Google loves a well-structured article as much as we love a twist ending in a thriller.

Start with your main query, and then structure your article in a logical sense. If you’re in doubt, you can always use ChatGPT to get some help coming up with an outline that makes sense.

Once you’ve got your headings, fill them in. Pack those paragraphs with nutrient-rich, high-value insights. Make every word earn its place. Keep your audience on their toes, not nodding off.

Architect your content before writing it.

The best way to host your SEO articles

Alright, you’ve written your article. Now what?

You need a platform that’s as rock-solid as that classic Harley you’ve been eyeing in the window. My pick? WordPress. Old, but gold, baby.

It has been around since the internet was just a teenager. And the older it gets, the more we can expect it to stick around.

But it’s not just about WordPress… It’s about optimizing it for speed.

The reason? Google hates slow websites like sh*tty hotel WiFi.

To make your WordPress site Ferrari fast, invest in a lightweight theme like this one (affiliate link).

Your website will score a 90+ on Google Web Vitals out of the box.

Using WordPress will make sure that your website is built on the right foundations to rank long-term.

Build your list on autopilot with this simple-to-use tactic.
After a few weeks, you should see traffic coming to your website.


So how do you convert this traffic into email subscribers?


Offer a free email course directly related to what they just read.

As an example, all my note-taking articles on my website offer a free note-taking course. All email marketing articles, a free email marketing course. Notice the pattern?

When you apply what I just shared and do it for a few dozen articles, you won’t have to worry about growing your list.

It’ll happen automatically.

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