The 3-Step Content Strategy I Use to Sell Digital Products on (Almost) Autopilot

By Matt Giaro

It’s so simple that you can do it in your spare time

Creating content can feel overwhelming.

You create a post for a platform and then remember that you have to write that newsletter. Once done, you remember that you need to create your course. Once that course is done, you need to create the sales page for it. And the list goes on.

It’s hard to feel fulfilled when it seems you’re constantly running.

I know this because I’ve burned out 2 times even though I was working from home.

The solution to that?


Let’s boil down the 3 elements that will allow you to share your wisdom online, turn your content into cold cash, and enjoy the Internet lifestyle.

Step 1: Content for Eyeballs

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business.

Content creation, no exception.

You can be the Da Vinci of the digital age, but if nobody sees your Mona Lisa, what’s the point? There’s a reason you’re not rolling in dough yet, and it’s not because you’re not talented.

It’s because you’re invisible.

Each week, you should be creating to attract new eyeballs towards your content.

Most gurus will tell you to build an audience on social media.

That’s perfectly fine.

But I prefer going more long-term. Enter: SEO.

Instead of racking my brain each week about what to create on social media, I simply create a blog post (or video) once, let it rank, and automate the lead generation.

I’m doing this each week. As a result, I turned my website into a lead generation machine in just 12 months.

Each month, thousands of new visitors discover my website (and then opt into my email list):

But likes, followers, or plain traffic aren’t cold cash.

Building an audience is just the tipping point. There has to be more taking place under the hood to build a business.

Step 2: Content for Relation

You’ve caught their eye, great.

Now, what are you doing to make ’em stick around? Believe it or not, the internet isn’t just one big hookup app; it’s more like a dinner party. You’ve got to make some meaningful conversation before you get to the main course (aka your digital product).

You can do this with email or social media posts.

I like to show up daily in front of my audience using emails.

Yes: I send out an email every freakin’ day.

Picture yourself as a coffee shop barista, not a used car salesman. When someone walks in, you don’t just shove an espresso down their throat; you ask how their day was, remember their dog’s name, make them feel seen.

Now, those tiny bits of wisdom don’t require you to sit in front of your keyboard every day.

Instead, you can batch the content in one sitting. As an example, I batch my weekly emails into a 1-hour writing session.

Build trust with daily content.

Step 3: Content for Money

You want the moolah?

We all do.

By now, you’ve charmed your audience, dazzled them, even made them laugh a little. Congratulations, you’re now the belle of the ball. But listen closely, Cinderella—when the clock strikes midnight, are you leaving the party with a pumpkin or a prince?

Here comes the big, scary “S” word: Sales.

You see, some folks treat this word like it’s Voldemort—He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. But if you want to enjoy the internet lifestyle and turn your content into cash, then there’s no better way than to start selling your own digital products.

Be it an eBook, a course, or a coaching program.

Since you’ve already done the heavy lifting of building trust, your audience is now ready to open their wallets and spend money with you.

But be sure to do one thing: solve a problem.

But guess what? That product needs to be created. Whether you’re recording videos, or writing text.

That’s why you need a process to create digital products fast.

I remember when it took me months to create an online course. I had no process. Today, I built a custom system to create and launch my products in just 10 hours.

The ugly truth about monetizing content

Content creation is not a one-dimensional beast.

It has three dimensions:

  • Create to attract an audience
  • Create to build a trustworthy relationship
  • Create to cash in

Your goal is to find a way to fit all three elements into a sustainable content creation routine you can follow week after week.

Do this for the next 2 years, and you’ll turn your ideas into income.

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