The Secret to Create Content Consistently Is to Hack These 4 mental states

By Matt Giaro

mental states for content creation

Most creators struggle with being consistent.

The reason? Content creation is a mental workout.

It requires a lot of energy and bandwidth.

Problem: Nobody really teaches you how to optimize your energy as a content creator.

Let’s change that.

Consistency = Money

One of the biggest hurdles you’re probably facing is hitting the publish button on a predictable basis.

But when you know that 99.9% of your growth is driven by getting yourself out there, being consistent is not just a cool thing to brag about.

It’s an essential part of making the money you want to live the internet lifestyle.

Being consistent is the difference between creators who’re broke and the ones who thrive.

And in this game, your brain could be your biggest ally or your worst enemy.

The truth is that being consistent becomes way easier when you understand that it’s all about mastering mental states, rather than taking cold showers or looking for the latest tool.

In fact, there are 4 mental states that you need to be aware of, to finally create and publish content like a Swiss watch.

They’re easy to remember because they all start with the letter “P”.


Many creators struggle with writer’s block.

But writer’s block is nothing else than an illusion. If you want to kick off your day full of inspiration, you need to prepare your brain with the type of content you want to create upfront.

Understand this: Everything starts with a raw idea.

The secret is to capture your raw content ideas as soon as they show up. Most of the time, inspiration hits when your brain relaxes and turns on the default mode network.

Ever had a great idea:

  • while driving
  • under the shower
  • or walking your dog?

When you have those sparks, capture them in your favorite note-taking app.

Doing so will help you build a giant content idea library that you can then pick from when you sit down to create.

And this is a game changer.

Why? Simply because it relieves the burden of finding something to talk about.

I do this all the time. As a result, I have over 1256+ content ideas that I can pick from.

After you’ve prepared the field, comes stage number 2.


Once you have a library of ideas, comes the next part: producing the first draft.

Producing is totally different from preparing.

When you prepare, your mind wanders and tries to find interesting things to talk about. Producing is all about sitting down religiously and writing about the idea and filling out the outline. Producing requires focus and commitment.

With AI, I produce quick drafts in just a few minutes rather than bleeding in front of a keyboard for hours. It changed the game for me, especially since I have back pain and can’t sit more than 2 hours straight at a desk.

Producing is about getting things on paper. Nothing more. Nothing less.

When you produce, you don’t want to judge the stuff you’re creating or AI is spitting out.

Simply sit down and write about the idea you’ve picked.


Editing is the secret to great content.

This is what I call the polish state of mind. Polishing your piece of content involves a high level of concentration. This mind-state requires also taking a step back from what you’ve produced in the “producing” phase.

Yet, most creators try to produce and polish at the same time.

Huge mistake.

What separates the amateurs from the pros is that pros take the time to edit their work. Amateurs want to ship it as fast as possible.

The hardest way to create content is to try to polish at the same time as you produce. Dedicate a separate day and time-slot to polish your first draft.


Now comes the last part: publishing.

The publish mind-state includes everything that needs to be done to get your work published online.

Depending on where you publish online, publishing can be a huge time-sucker. Publishing involves all those daunting tasks like:

  • creating thumbnails,
  • adding screenshots,
  • finding the right tags,
  • etc.

Most of the time, those tasks require low energy levels and a low amount of concentration. This is why I never start my days (when my energy levels are high) with publishing.

You can also hire someone or leverage automation to make publishing a breeze.

As an example, I’ve automated my email broadcasts and podcast publishing so that I can focus on what truly matters: the 3 first mind-states mentioned earlier.

Now, Use This Trick To Create Content Faster

When you understand that creating content is all about mastering those 4 mindstates, everything changes.

You simply need to batch the tasks that require the same mind-state together.

Instead of trying to take every piece of content through the 4 mindstates all at once, start batching your content based on the mindstate they require.

Take time to:

  • Prepare your ideas and create an outline
  • Produce and get your first draft on paper
  • Polish when your concentration levels are at their peak
  • Publish all your content in one row

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