Beehiiv vs ConvertKit: Which Is Better to Build Your List?

By Matt Giaro

Beehiiv vs Convertkit

Hesitating between Beehiiv and Convertkit to start your email list?

This guide has you covered.

ConvertKit and Beehiiv are both creator oriented. ConvertKit offers more features that are handy if you want to explore all the benefits of email marketing. Beehiiv is still in the early stages (but growing fast.)

ConvertKit vs Beehiiv: A Core Contrast

Picture ConvertKit and Beehiiv in a face-off.

While both serve the email marketing realm, they sit on different ends of the spectrum.

Beehiiv is more than just an email marketing tool. It’s a mixologist, blending blogging with email marketing into a smooth concoction. Each piece of content you cook up doubles as a blog post. Share an update with your email list, and voila, it lands on your blog too, doubling your exposure.

Now, here’s a fun fact about writing – penning an email and crafting an SEO-friendly blog post are two different ballgames. The days when blogs were read without being SEO-optimized? History. Unless you’re already a superstar, you need SEO to pull readers in. With Beehiiv, you get a hand in making your emails work as SEO-friendly blog posts.

On the other hand, ConvertKit is an email purist. Write an email, and it goes straight into your subscriber’s inboxes. No detours, no extras, just pure, unadulterated email marketing. But, ConvertKit has its unique offering – a public archive of your emails. Your words, forever etched on the internet. So, if having a public log of your emails rings a bell, ConvertKit is your go-to.

The choice between Beehiiv and ConvertKit hinges on this core difference. One offers a unique blend of blogging and emailing, while the other sticks to its classic email roots, with an added archival bonus. These contrasting charms make them the darlings of the marketing world.

The Path to Discovery: Beehiiv vs ConvertKit

Finding your space in the digital world can be like navigating a maze. With Beehiiv and ConvertKit, the journey takes slightly different routes.

Beehiiv, unlike Substack, doesn’t give you a newsfeed.

Your road to discovery with your blog articles on Beehiiv is paved with SEO.

No newsfeed means your spotlight comes from search engines. So, if your SEO game is strong, you’re golden. Of course, there are other tricks up Beehiiv’s sleeve, like boosts and recommendations.

I delve deeper into them in my Beehiiv comprehensive review.

ConvertKit, though, sings a different tune.

It doesn’t let you create a blog or anything similar. Your route to discovery? It’s all on you, like a solo road trip.

Writing on platforms like Medium, crafting YouTube videos, and other creative pursuits are your keys to bring in subscribers.

So, with Beehiiv, it’s SEO and some extras that lead your way. ConvertKit? It’s a DIY journey.

Pricing: Beehiiv vs ConvertKit

Where do you get the most bang for your buck?

Every tool has its price, and it’s no different with ConvertKit and Beehiiv.

ConvertKit offers a free plan until you hit 1,000 subscribers.

Beehiiv takes it a step further, giving you room till you gather 2,500.

But here’s the catch – these free plans aren’t all sunshine and roses. For both platforms.

You’ll find strings tied to your free ride. Limited features, no automations, and other restrictions lurk behind the ‘free’ label. It’s like a movie trailer – you get a glimpse, but not the full show.

Now, the tables turn when your list grows beyond 10,000 subscribers. Here, Beehiiv becomes the lighter option for your pocket. But don’t let the price tag fool you.

When it comes to automations and contact management, ConvertKit outshines Beehiiv.

So, what’s the takeaway? ConvertKit offers superior automation and contact management, while Beehiiv wins on pricing and subscriber count.

It’s not just about the money, but also what you get for it.

Integrations: ConvertKit vs Beehiiv

Integrations make the digital world go round. ConvertKit and Beehiiv both play the game, but who scores higher?

ConvertKit is like the octopus of integrations. It connects with nearly everything (Zapier included), and even sports an API.

Picture a tool, and ConvertKit probably integrates with it.

Beehiiv? It’s still in the minor league. It doesn’t natively link with online course tools like Podia or Teachable. However Beehiiv has a Zapier integration and a working API.

Still limited, but a nice start.

For now, ConvertKit is winning the integration race. But Beehiiv has promise. If they step up, they might level the playing field.

Automations: Beehiiv vs ConvertKit

Automations is the lifeblood of efficient email marketing.

Sadly, Beehiiv stumbles here. It does offer automations, but they’re locked behind their $99 plan. Even if you take the paid plain, the automations are… let’s say basic.

Beehiiv automations

It’s like getting an umbrella in a hurricane – not quite enough, especially when you measure it against other autoresponders.

ConvertKit, on the other hand, is like a seasoned magician. They’ve been around, they’ve learned the ropes, and they’ve got automations right.

Create rules based on tags, events, and segmentations? Check. ConvertKit does it all, and it does it well.

If you’re looking for powerful automations, ConvertKit outshines Beehiiv by miles.

Forms: Beehiiv vs ConvertKit

Forms – the gateway to growing your email list.

Both ConvertKit and Beehiiv let you plant these gates on your website. But how do they fare?

Beehiiv, while it keeps things simple, drops the ball a bit. The options are quite limited, like a menu with only two dishes. Worse yet, if your text button stretches too long, the form cracks:

In the game of forms, it’s not just about having them. It’s about flexibility and reliability too.

If you’re looking to personalize your forms and make them look pretty and clean, ConvertKit wins over Beehiiv.

Segmentations: Beehiiv vs ConvertKit

In the world of online courses and content creation, segmentation is your secret sauce. It’s like having a map of your audience, guiding you to create targeted, relevant content.

Think of it this way – when selling online courses, not everyone is at the same stage. Some are beginners, others are advanced.

Some might sign up for a specific freebie or lead magnet.

With segmentation, you tailor your communication, catering to each group effectively. This personal touch can mean the difference between a sale and a pass.

Unfortunately, Beehiiv misses out on this treasure. With Beehiiv, it’s one-size-fits-all. All contacts get dumped into the same list. No distinction, no segmentation.

On the flip side, ConvertKit nails it.

Segmentation? You bet. ConvertKit allows you to carve your list into distinct segments, giving you that vital edge.

So if segmentation you rely on segmentations, ConvertKit is better than Beehiiv.

Contact Management: Beehiiv vs ConvertKit

When it comes to managing contacts, most autoresponders use tags or lists. But, Beehiiv and ConvertKit have their own spins.

With Beehiiv, it’s like tossing all your contacts into a big, roomy database.

Tags? Lists? None of those here.

Sure, you can add custom fields.

But here’s the catch: you can’t tweak these custom fields when people sign up, and the same goes for Zapier actions.

Right now, Beehiv custom fields are like decorations – nice to have, but not particularly useful.

ConvertKit, however, plays a different tune. It lets you add tags to your contacts, and that’s not all. These tags can trigger automations. Imagine setting up a domino chain – you add a tag, and the automation follows, smooth and effortless.

Point for ConvertKit.

Final Verdict: Beehiiv or ConvertKit?

Navigating the world of autoresponders, you’ve seen the ins and outs of Beehiiv and ConvertKit. Each one shines in its unique way, but which one should you choose?

Go for Beehiiv if…

Choose Beehiiv if you want a fusion of blogging and email marketing. If you want your email content doubles as blog posts, Beehiiv is your tool.

It’s great for folks who are just starting out, with a generous free plan of up to 2,500 subscribers. It’s also lighter on your pocket for larger lists. Beehiiv might not be the champion of automations or integrations, but it promises potential.

This is an affiliate link. If this article helped and you want to use Beehiiv, then feel free to sign up with it (at no extra cost for you.)

Go for ConvertKit if…

…You want a powerhouse of email marketing. ConvertKit is your choice.

It’s a veteran in the game, and offers a lot of features:

  • automation
  • contact management features.
  • segmentations
  • integrations with other platforms like Gumroad
  • tags
  • and rule-based actions are your bread and butter

It integrates with almost everything and boasts an advanced system for forms.

ConvertKit is the perfect fit for those seeking a robust, feature-rich autoresponder for their email marketing campaigns.

No matter which platform you plan to choose, my free email course below will show you to turn your subscribers into income:

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