4 Prompts to Write Your Weekly Newsletter in ChatGPT (in Just 5 Minutes)

By Matt Giaro


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You might be asking yourself: “Can ChatGPT write my newsletter?”

The answer is yes.

Newsletters are the hidden profit lever creators pull to generate money on demand.

However, writing a weekly newsletter can take a bunch of time and bandwidth.

Especially when you’re wrestling with a full-time job.

Today, I’m lifting the veil on a game-changing strategy to get your newsletter from brain to inbox in just 5 minutes.

We’ll use ChatGPT (but not in a boring way).

You can either read the article, or watch the video:

Come up with a newsletter angle

Each piece of content is a combination of two things: an idea and an angle.

Your angle is not just what you say; it’s how you say it. It’s the lens through which you present your idea. An idea can be flat, but an angle makes it three-dimensional.

Imagine you’re a chef.

Your idea is the meat, the vegetable, and the thing on the plate. The angle is how you cook it—grilled, sautéed, or deep-fried. You can serve chicken a hundred ways, but a grilled Cajun chicken speaks differently than a deep-fried one.

See the difference?

Now, let’s see how ChatGPT can help you with that.

Use this prompt:

I'm writing an email newsletter for [INSERT AUDIENCE HERE]. 

The newsletter has to be educational and entertaining, and readable in 5 minutes or less.
Your role is to help me come up with angles I can use to share my ideas.

Each newsletter is a combination of angle + idea. The angle is the way I'm going to talk about the idea.

Please give me 10 content angles I can use for my newsletter.

Come up with your newsletter idea

You’ve got your angle, something that’ll make your momma proud—or at least, slightly interested.

So what’s next? Your idea.

Your idea is the meat of your content; it’s what you want to say.

An idea can be as simple as sharing the latest trends in your industry or as complex as decoding the human genome. Seriously, it doesn’t have to be rocket science — unless you’re an astrophysicist.

Then maybe.

Your idea answers the ‘what’ while your angle answers the ‘how.’

Want to talk about email marketing? That’s your idea.

Want to tear down every misconception about it with cutting humor? That’s your angle. Put the two together, and what do you get? A newsletter that’s more engaging than a thriller movie with a plot twist.

Use this ChatGPT prompt:

I'm writing an email newsletter for [INSERT AUDIENCE HERE].

The newsletter has to be educational and entertaining, and readable in 5 minutes or less.

Please give me 10 specific topic ideas that are highly likely to resonate with the audience and either show them how to achieve a specific goal or get rid of a specific problem.

The key is specificity. It has to feel like you've been spying on their diary.

Come up with an outline

An outline is the skeleton that gives your newsletter form and function.

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, right? Oh, you would? Enjoy living in a shoebox.

An outline is your game plan, your roadmap. It’s the list your significant other gives you before you’re unleashed in a supermarket.

Let’s see how ChatGPT can help:

I'm writing an email newsletter for [INSERT AUDIENCE HERE].  
The newsletter has to be educational and entertaining, and readable in 5 minutes or less.  
The topic of the newsletter is this:  

And the angle is this:  
Please provide me with a proposed outline including these ideas:  

Those will be your main points. These are the pillars that’ll hold up your house — err, your newsletter.

Write your Newsletter with ChatGPT

Time to write.

Here’s where ChatGPT can swoop in like a superhero in a cape (again!)

First, let ChatGPT analyze your writing style. Drop a few lines of your writing, and this AI will dissect it like a high school biology experiment.

And no, don’t think you can just throw in some jargon and call it a day. We’re after genuine, impactful writing. ChatGPT can generate text that not only fits your style but amplifies it. We’re talking about a newsletter that feels so you, your readers will think you’ve cloned yourself.

Use this prompt:

Act as my newsletter writing assistant.  
I'll start this session by providing you with a sample text of mine. Please analyze it carefully and match all your responses in this session with the same writing style.

Then, give it a sample of yours.

It will reply with an analysis of your writing style.

Then follow up with this prompt:

Now, let's write an email newsletter.  

Here's the title and the outline:


Now, watch ChatGPT write your newsletter for you.

Then, simply make sure to add the final edits and personal touches.

Now go on and write that newsletter. Your audience is waiting.

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