How to Write Content That Gets You Noticed (Even When You’re Just Starting Out)

By Matt Giaro

How to Write Content That Gets You Noticed

Do you know what hurts more than a kick in the balls?

Putting your heart and soul into creating content but getting no traction.

I know the pain because I’ve experienced it myself.

What if instead of having to create hundreds of pieces to start getting some attention, you could take the fastlane to go from nobody to authority?

Because let’s face it: noticeable content can be engineered.

Let’s see how.

Discovering the hot potatoes in your niche

It hurts me to write this.

But most writers write for themselves. That’s why their writing gets no traction. Instead, if you want to make money writing online, you have to understand that you’re not writing just for you. Don’t be selfish.

You’re writing for an audience. And that audience has preferences.

Sniff out what’s sizzling in the market.

Think of it like walking through a busy street market: sure, there’s a vendor selling fried insects, but is that what the crowd is clamoring for? Nah, they’re lined up at the taco stand. So why would you set up shop selling deep-fried crickets when you could be flipping tacos?

I have a ton of things I think are important and interesting. And I bet you have, too. But if the market doesn’t think like you, then stop banging your head against the wall.

As an example, I write a lot about creating online courses. But right now, the trend is about AI. When I create content about AI, I almost triple my views. The reason? I tackle what’s hot.

Write about stuff people want to read.

Here’s how:

  • Spy on your competitors (no matter which platform they use): see what content gets the most engagement
  • Then, identify the core topic: what problem are they addressing?
  • What’s the solution they offer?

Do this with your top 10 competitors, and you’ll soon find out what people want to read.

The goal is not to create the same pieces of content verbatim. But to understand the core problems behind the content.

Stop being a conformist

Most content out there is a symphony of yes-men.

It’s like a bunch of people sitting around a campfire singing “Kumbaya,” but you come in with a guitar and start belting out Metallica. People will turn their heads; some will cheer, others will jeer, but nobody’s going to forget you.

So you’re thinking, “Is it worth alienating some people?” You bet it is.

Would you rather be a forgettable blur in the background or the guy who stood out, even if it’s because he stepped on a few toes? To be remembered, you’ve got to be bold enough to break the mold.

Look, your aim isn’t to win a popularity contest. Your aim is to get noticed. And nothing gets you noticed more than daring to be the contrarian voice in a sea of monotony.

Want to stand out? Take a freakin’ stand.

Riding the attention wave

Not everyone is a rebel.

Maybe you’re the guy who loves surfing the wave, not bucking against it. No shame in that game.

Look, I recently created an AI blogging course.

The reason? Everyone’s talking about AI.

But let’s be frank: most AI content is as palatable as a lukewarm cup of coffee. So, I immersed myself in the world of AI writing for over 100 hours to come up with something that’s better (in my biased opinion) than what you can see everywhere else.

I rode the wave but surfed it like no one else.

The key here is depth.

Dive deep into whatever’s hot and come up with something that adds:

  • a layer of sophistication,
  • a unique angle,
  • or just a better solution than what’s out there.

Ride the wave, but make it your own.

Feeding your brain with power content

The information you consume dictates the content you create.

Think you can achieve standout success by sipping from the same well as everyone else? Good luck with that.

Ever heard of the “Availability Heuristic”? It means you’re more likely to be influenced by what you’re frequently exposed to. If you’re always scrolling through the same blogs, same articles, same everything—don’t be surprised when your content tastes like yesterday’s reheated coffee.

Say you’re a marketer, but you only read marketing blogs. You’re missing out.

The reason? All your competitors are already doing it.

Why not delve into psychology, technology, or heck, even something like cooking? Bring flavors from different worlds into your niche. It’s like a chef incorporating spices from diverse cuisines to create a masterpiece.

This is your wake-up call. Stop swimming in the same stagnant pond. Explore new waters. That’s how you stir things up and get noticed.

Consume content that your competitors won’t.

Using content cheat codes

Human psychology doesn’t evolve much.

We’re all lazy, greedy, and impatient.

The good news? You can use proven structures to make your content stand out even for the most mundane ideas.

Ever heard about PAS or AIDA?

If not, Google them. They’re simple acronyms that show you how to present information in a way that people care.

Enter: templates.

Templates give you structure—a starting point. They’re the bread in your sandwich; you decide the filling. The magic lies in the details you pour into that framework.

Almost every content I create follows a template:

  • articles (like this one)
  • courses
  • emails

Here’s the not-so-secret sauce: A good template simplifies your life without dumbing down your message. It takes care of the structure so you can focus on the content. It’s not about being lazy; it’s about being efficient. And in a digital space that’s as cluttered as a teenager’s bedroom, you need every advantage you can get to grab eyeballs.

Grab a template, fill it with ideas people care about, and seize that attention.

Final thoughts

Your content is a drop in the vast ocean of online content.

If you want to make your drop cause ripples, it’s time to do things differently.

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