How to Create Your Lead Magnet in 12 Minutes With ChatGPT (to Grow Your Email List)

By Matt Giaro

Create a lead magnet with chatgpt

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If you want to grow your email list (and income), then you need a great lead magnet.

Without one, building your list will be painfully slow. But a great one can catapult your subscriber count like crazy.

The problem is that creating a lead magnet can be a huge time suck, especially when you’re busy with a full-time job.

Let’s see how to utilize ChatGPT to create it in 12 minutes (or less).

Step 1: Identify a kick in the balls problem

Humans are motivated by pain.

So if you want them to hand over their well-kept email, guess what you need to do? You talk about their pains.

You’re familiar with that feeling, right? The one that makes you want to slam your laptop shut or toss your phone across the room? That’s the “kick in the balls” problem I’m talking about. If you don’t tackle this head-on, you’ll feel stuck, maybe even a bit hopeless. And when you feel this way, so does your audience.

They need a solution, and they need it pronto.

Pinpoint the problem that your audience is dealing with and would give their left arm to solve.

Don’t make it complicated.

The simpler, the better.

  • Do they want to learn how to learn coding?
  • Are they struggling to get leads?
  • Want to get rid of belly fat?

That’s your golden ticket.

Now let’s see how ChatGPT can help.

Use this prompt:

You're my marketing research assistant.
I'm a [Describe what you do here]

My target audience is [describe your audience here]

Help me come up with 7 ultra-specific and strong problems my audience has and keeps them up at night.

I should be able to solve each problem with a 5-page blueprint.

Be specific and tie the problem back to a concrete real-life situation.

The solution should go against doing things they hate, and provide an easy, simple, and effective way to overcome the problem

Frame the solution starting with How to...

You’ll end up with a list of problems to choose from.

Pick one.

Step 2: Find the 4 elements to turn boring information into an exciting story

So you’ve got your “kick in the balls” problem.

Now you need the content that’ll make your lead magnet pop. You’re probably thinking, “Where the heck do I start?” I hear ya.

Most ChatGPT content is dry and boring.

So to spice things up, we need a few extra ingredients ChatGPT won’t give you out of the box.

Here they are:

  • Your unique take on solving the problem
  • A series of specific feelings your audience has regarding the problem
  • A series of benefits to what your audience will be able to achieve once the problem is solved
  • A story of how you discovered & applied the method (either to yourself or someone else)

Use this prompt:

Let's pick Problem number [enter the number of the problem you want to pick based on the last response].

Please give me:
1. A series of specific feelings they have regarding this specific problem
2. A series of benefits to what they'll be able to achieve once they've overcome the problem

Use bullet points.

Sort the results from the most relevant (the one you have the most data on) to the least.

Step 3: Let ChatGPT write the lead magnet for you

Now you have all the elements you need to use ChatGPT as a ghostwriter.

First, I like to start by prompting it with something I wrote so that it can pick up my style.

The goal is to write something that sounds like you, right? Who wants to read robot-generated garbage?

Use this prompt:

I'll provide you with an article I wrote.
Please analyze its writing voice and apply it to all your further responses:
[paste your article here]

This will ensure ChatGPT will mimic your writing style.

Then follow up with this:

Based on our conversation, let's write a lead magnet.

The goal is 1500 words.

My unique take to solve the problem is: [enter your unique take here]

Here's my story: [enter the story here]

Here's the story of one of the people I helped: [enter the story here]

Who I am: [describe who you are and what you do here]

Use this tone:
Conversational and engaging, reflective, instructional.

Here's the structure to follow.
1. Tease them with what they'll discover. In this blueprint, you'll discover...
2. Explain why this method works addressing the most common problems people face. Start with: This method will work for you even if...
3. Introduce who I am quickly (short one sentence) then add some credibility to why it will work: if possible with a personal (or client) story.
4. Now explain the benefits of overcoming the problem and achieving the desired outcome.
5. Add some personal examples and stories to illustrate (future pacing)
6. Explain how life was before overcoming the problem (either for you or for the client.)
7. Introduce the "unique take to solve the problem"
8. Explain briefly why this unique philosophy works and makes sense. The reason is...
9. Invalidate all other methods: explain why other solutions they've already seen don't work
10. Give 5 specific examples so that people understand how to apply the philosophy in real life
11. Add a call to action (whether it's a product, coaching, or simply tease for the next email)


Now simply take a few minutes to edit it, and your lead magnet is ready to go.

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