Will AI Make Blogs Obsolete? Here’s What You Should Do Now

By Matt Giaro

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You’re scared, right?

You see that AI-generated content is taking off wonder if AI will make blogs obsolete?

What if this was the death knell for your dreams of sharing your expertise online?

Let’s find out.

In the first part of the article, I’ll tell you why the fear of AI is legit if you’re thinking about starting a blog.

In the second part, I’ll show you exactly what to do to make your blog thrive in the AI age.

Yes, Bloggers Should Be Scared by AI

AI Can Write Blogs Faster and Cheaper Than a VA in the Philippines

If you want to grow your blog, you need to publish articles.

A damn lot.

You could either do it by yourself in your spare time or hire writers to help you do so.

Think back to when hiring writers was the norm.

Slow and expensive.

Now, machines can spit out text faster than you can say “artificial intelligence.” It’s like a fast-food chain for words.

Take the example of an AI that can write an article in 15 minutes, while a human might need hours. Terrifying? Hang on.

Remember when everyone said calculators would make us all mathematical geniuses? It just didn’t happen.

AI can churn out blogs faster than your old little fingers, but does it know your industry like you do?

Can it share your years of experience, your unique insights, and the real-world wisdom that comes from working in the trenches?

No, sir.

You Can Clone AI to Write Blogs Like You

When ChatGPT first rolled out, I was a total skeptic.

I tried to generate a few articles with AI but always came to the same conclusion: it’s boring and impersonal.

But then, I started to try out new things. New ways to prompt the AI, and I came up with significantly better results.

Until I was able to fine-tune ChatGPT to replicate my own writing voice.

So if you think that all AI content is boring and impersonal, you’re dead wrong.

It’s not AI that sucks. It’s the prompt you’re using.

Okay, so now you might think: Blogging with AI is over. It’s dead. RIP.

Not that fast.

Because there are going to be bloggers who’ll be able to thrive with AI.

The reason? It’s because they understand the limitations of AI-generated content.

The 3 AI Loopholes Every Blogger Needs to Be Aware Of

AI Is Stupid

You think that AI is intelligent?

It ain’t. At least not as intelligent as you.

Ever tried to explain a movie plot to someone who’s never watched it?

That’s what it’s like trying to get AI to fully understand the human experience.

AI can write, sure, but it’s like a parrot repeating words without understanding their meaning.

It can’t grasp emotions, memories, or experiences. It’s like a computer playing chess but not understanding the joy of winning or the sadness of losing.

You know that feeling when you read a great book, and you just get it? That connection, that understanding, that “aha” moment?

AI doesn’t have that.

It doesn’t have your unique insights, your wisdom, your empathy.

Think of AI as a sophisticated copying tool. It can replicate the image, but not the texture or the fine details that make the original unique. Your content isn’t just words on a page. It’s a blend of your thoughts, experiences, feelings.

AI Is Always Behind

AI is good, but it’s like a commentator watching the game on TV, always a few seconds behind the live action.

You know your niche, you live it, breathe it.

New trends? You’re on them.

Breaking news? You’re breaking it. AI is scrambling to catch up.

Take ChatGPT as an example. It doesn’t have real-time information.

Sure, Google’s Bard has it, but guess what? There are still humans behind feeding it with it.

AI Craves Better Input

You probably know the saying: Garbage in, garbage out.

Think of AI like a super blender. You throw in the ingredients, and it whips up your smoothie. But toss in rotten bananas and sour milk? You’ll get a smoothie, alright, but it won’t be something you’d want to drink.

AI’s the same way. You can’t toss in half-baked ideas, vague instructions, or outdated information and expect a five-star blog post. That’s like expecting to win a race driving backward.

So, you’re the chef here. You decide the ingredients. You set the flavor. The blender? It’s just doing the mixing.

But here’s the juicy part: AI’s not a mind reader. It’s not some magical genie that knows what you want. It’s a tool, a helpful one, but only if you know how to use it.

Want a great blog? Be a great chef. Know your ingredients, your flavors.

How to Thrive with Your Blog in the Age of AI

Now, let’s see how to turn AI blogging tools into your advantage.

Use AI to Write Faster

Typing takes time.

And you have ideas, solutions, insights that you want to share. You don’t want to waste hours typing when AI can do it faster. But don’t get it wrong; AI doesn’t replace you. You provide the direction, the destination, the creativity.

Why dig a hole with a spoon when you have a shovel in the garage? AI’s your shovel, digging faster so you can build quicker. But you’re still the architect; you’re still in control.

What you gain is time, efficiency. You still shape the thoughts, guide the content, add your unique flair. It’s your voice, your tone, just faster.

Spend More Time Thinking

Using AI in content writing is like having help in the kitchen.

You still create the meal, but you have more time to refine, sharpen, enhance. AI doesn’t make you think less; it makes you think better.

Think more, type less. Watch the magic unfold.

AI helps you use less bandwidth to create.
Imagine being a lumberjack with an axe, then someone hands you a chainsaw. Same job, but oh boy, how things change.

AI doesn’t just help you write more… It helps you write smarter.

Before using AI in my blogs, I would write 5000 words per day on my writing days, and my brain would be completely fried after the session.

The only thing I’d then do is doomscroll YouTube.

But with AI, I can write 5,000 to 10,000 words a day and still have the bandwidth to do something else after my writing session.

Huge bandwidth saver.

Embrace the Human Element

With the rise of AI, people will cherish experience, stories, and emotions. Creating content like “5 tips to achieve X” isn’t enough anymore.

Instead, you need to back this up with REAL results, experiences, and information from the trenches.

Conclusion: Is Blogging dead?

Blogging with ChatGPT or other AI writing tools is the future.

It’s not about cheating or writing dull content. It’s simply a tool to write and publish your ideas faster.

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