5 Limiting Beliefs That Silently Prevent You From Making (Decent) Money With Your Writing

By Matt Giaro

Every writer secretly dreams about making money. I’m one of them.

But writing isn’t fun if you waste 4 hours a day chained at your desk trying to pump out article after article.

I’ve been writing on the internet since I started my first blog somewhere around 2011ish. (Would need to look that up. But I’m lazy, soz.)

I’ve made a ton of mistakes. And over time, I understood that sometimes it’s not your writing that sucks. It’s just the way you think.

Your brain might be running 5 silent viruses on autopilot.

And these viruses prevent you from finally making decent money with your writing. I learned them the hard way and distilled them in this 4-minute read.

Let’s disinfect your brain.

1. You’re a fraud (and that’s okay).

You don’t need to be the best in your niche to make money. That’s a myth.

There are myriads of suckers out there who make a bunch of cash simply by knowing a little bit more than 95% of their audience. And that’s okay.

Waiting to be the “best” is just an excuse not to share your smarts. The internet would be silent if everyone thought that way.

Being the “best” is chasing after a shadow. It’s a title that’s always just out of reach. Your real value? Your experience and how you explain it. That’s what someone out there is looking for. I bet that your doctor isn’t the best doctor in the world. But he’s still of tremendous help.

Bottom line: Give your imposter syndrome the finger. Your best today is better than waiting for a perfect tomorrow.

2. Publish garbage

“Quality over quantity” is stupid.

The reason? You can’t know what’s quality content until it’s out there. It’s your audience’s call, not yours. The belief that you need to produce only quality content is an excuse to avoid putting out content regularly.

If your content really sucks, no worries. Algorithms got your back. They don’t play favorites. They’ll bury your suckers faster than you can hit refresh on your browser. It’s a self-cleaning oven.

The real deal is to create, release, and let the audience (and algorithms) sort it out. It’s like sifting for gold. You won’t find it if you’re not shoveling dirt.

Creating more content increases your chances of hitting the mark. It’s a numbers game. The more you play, the better your odds are.

So, drop the quality guise. Start producing. Write that blog post. Upload that video. Send that tweet. Let quantity lead you to quality.

3. Follow your passion is broke advice (unless you do this)

You like writing about your passions. But is that enough?


Writing to monetize isn’t just about what thrills you. It’s about solving a problem for your reader. Your favorite topics are a good start, but if they don’t address a need, they’re just words to you.

It’s easy to think that your enthusiasm will translate into income. But the truth is harsher. If your words don’t connect to a reader’s pains, gains, or needs, they’re scrolling past.

It’s never been about you. It’s always about them.

Transform your expertise and passion into solutions. That’s the sweet spot. Your passion matters, but only if it intersects with what your audience is seeking. That’s when your writing becomes more than a hobby. That’s when it starts paying bills and funding your lifestyle.

Write about problems.

4. Writing is the worst way to make money online

You’ll hate me after reading this.

But writing alone won’t fill your wallet. Sorry for the 2 am wake-up call.

The truth? It’s a piece of the puzzle, not the whole picture. Instead, think bigger. Your writing is a tool. It’s a means to an end. It’s there to lead your readers somewhere—to something else like courses, consulting, or coaching.

That’s where the real gold is. Courses scale your expertise. They turn your knowledge into a product that sells while you sleep.

Writing draws them in, but your course is closer. It’s what turns followers into students, and students into revenue. It’s your knowledge, packaged, branded, and ready for consumption.

Writing is a means, not an end.

5. You’re a dirty salesman (believe it or not)

Giving away your expertise for free feels noble, but it won’t pay the bills.

Your knowledge has value. When you solve problems, you deserve to be paid. It’s a fair exchange—your solutions for their payment. If you’re not charging, you’re cheating yourself.

And guess what? Nobody will sell your stuff for you. So take some time and learn how to sell. It’s not about becoming a car dealer. It’s about ethically selling your stuff.

I sell all the time. I include call-to-actions in my articles that drive people to my email list. I write emails with value that sell my online courses.

Else, I’d be broke.

Selling is not dirty. It’s part of human nature.

When you want to convince your partner to buy furniture, you’re selling. When you want your toddler to eat those veggies, you’re selling.

Monetizing your writing is no different: Think of it as a trade. Your audience has a gap, and you have the filler. They’ll thank you for it — with their wallets.

Sell or be sold.

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