4 Advices That Keep Creators Broke (That You See Everywhere on the Internet)

By Matt Giaro

Reprogram your brain and let go of garbage advice

Many creators earn barely enough to pay their rent.

There are many reasons for that:
– No focus
– Competition
– Procrastination
– and the list goes on

But what drives me nuts is the amount of BS information you see almost everyone regurgitating like gospel.

I’ve been full-time online since 2014. I never had a corporate job. Everything I own today has been built from the ground up with internet money. So I might show you one thing or two about it.

The very first step to start earning decent internet money is to stop listening to bad advice.

Give value & hard-teach for free

95% of creators understand zip about ‘giving value.’

Giving freebies won’t build your empire. If this is all you’re doing, you’re just running a charity without the tax benefits.

Value is the name of the game, but let’s be clear: it’s not about handing out your expertise like it’s Halloween candy. The Internet is overflowing with “value-driven” creators who shove free content down your throat and then shy away when it’s time to monetize.

They think that pitching is bad. Thus, they’re broke.

If you deliver premium knowledge and solve a painful problem, why hesitate to put a price tag on it? In fact, your paid offers should be the best value you could ever deliver.

So after a freebie, throw in a subtle pitch.

Drop links to your paid courses. Offer one-on-one coaching sessions. It will turn away the tire-kickers. And that’s good. You don’t want them lurking around anyway.

Offer free value, but make sure you’re also lining your pockets.

Write About Your Passion

Likes don’t pay the bills.

So stop focusing on how many people pressed the virtual kudos button.

We’ve all heard the cliché, “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” That’s sweet and all, but let’s cut the nonsense. Nobody cares about your passion for 19th-century Russian literature unless you make it relevant to them.

Your content must solve a problem for your audience. Else, you’ll earn peanuts.

I have a lot of things I’m interested in nobody would pay for. Instead, I weave my interests into my content to give it a unique angle.

If you’re passionate about history and your audience are attorneys, then weave in a historical example to illustrate a problem you’re solving.

Instead of trying to directly monetize your passion, use it as a bridge to make your content more entertaining and solve a problem. Because that’s what people will pay for.

Look at the 5 last articles you wrote. Are they just journaling in public, talking about your passion or expertise? Or did you make it relatable to your audience, tying it back to a common problem in your field?

Problems > Passion.

Get Monetized with Platform Money

Ads or Partner programs won’t make you rich.

They might look sweet, but they can demolish your whole business model.

It’s like betting your retirement on a lottery ticket. Sure, a few creators hit the jackpot, but most end up holding worthless stubs.

The reason? Platform paychecks work based on views. Chances are, you’re not going to become the next Mr. Beast and rack up millions of views. (I certainly won’t. Call this a limiting belief – or a reality check.)

Your real goldmine? Your own products—courses, coaching, eBooks.

Creating your own stuff vs. relying on platforms is the difference between renting a house and owning one.

If I’d rely on platform money, I’d be broke and miserable. Instead, I have a portfolio of products that I can sell to my audience 24/7.

Assess your current income sources. If most of it is platform-dependent, start crafting your first info product today. It could be a simple eBook or an in-depth online course. I prefer courses because they have a higher perceived value than eBooks.

Ditch the platform paycheck.

Don’t Be a Dirty Marketer

Too many creators shy away from marketing and sales.

Bloody mistake.

Ethics Over Earnings is a Trap: Think you’re too good for marketing tactics? Congratulations on your moral high ground. But sorry. It won’t pay the bills.

Dismissing proven marketing strategies because they’re “manipulative” is like refusing to put gas in a car and then wondering why it won’t move. There’s a line between scammy and savvy, and you’d better learn where it is if you want to get anywhere.

Deadlines, urgency, scarcity—these aren’t dirty words.

They’re psychological triggers that have been selling products since the dawn of commerce.

The only catch? Be honest. Period.

If you say there are only 10 seats left for your course, make sure there really are only 10 seats left. If the registration closes Sunday midnight, then make sure it ends.

I refuse people showing up after the deadline like clockwork. So next time, they’ll be on time.

A genuine limited-time offer or a real countdown clock can increase your revenue by 100%.

You’d be stupid not to use it.

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