10 Warning Signs That Your Content Creation System Sucks

By Matt Giaro

content creation system

What you’re about to read will make you cringe.

But it’s a stone-cold fact: Most content creators have no system.

They rely on guesswork, their mood, and the clouds to share content about their expertise.

As a result, they struggle to get views, subscribers, and sales.

Unless you have a proven system that allows you to churn out content like clockwork, you’re doomed to failure.

Been there, done that.

The good news is that there’s always an opportunity to fix that. But it comes with one catch: you need to first understand and accept that your system sucks.

Let’s find out how good (or ugly) your system really is.

You’re Not Getting Subscribers on Autopilot

Ever feel like a hamster on a wheel, writing content every day just to get a trickle of new leads? That was yesterday’s news.

What you really want is to create content that continues to bring in subscribers long after you hit the publish button. It’s not just about setting up some robot to do your work; it’s about writing content that has legs. Think of it like planting a tree — once it’s there, it keeps growing and bearing fruit.

That’s why each week I dedicate some time to writing articles that will pay dividends for years to come.

Enter: SEO.

Writing blog posts that rank on Google is like having a little army of elves working in my garden, planting seeds that bloom into sales. All thanks to some savvy SEO and an automated welcome sequence that guides new subscribers towards my products and services.

It’s way more rewarding than spending 4 hours a day on social media, spamming, poking, and prodding people to buy via DM.

It’s about writing once, then letting that content work for you while you kick back and watch the leads roll in. The old way? It’s like fishing with a net full of holes. This way, you’re casting a net that keeps catching fish, even when you’re off enjoying your life.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not some pipe dream. It’s an investment in your future. Time to step into the new age of content creation. Think leverage. Not a hamster wheel.

Write once, reap forever.

Your Follower Count Is Stuck At Zero

Ever felt like you were shouting into a void, only to hear the echoes of your own voice? That’s the feeling when your audience isn’t growing.

Building an audience is painfully slow.

It’s like watching grass grow. You don’t just wake up one day with thousands of adoring fans. You’ve got to dig in, water the seeds, and then wait.

Don’t be stupid and jump from one platform to another after a few days of hitting zero likes. You need to stick to something for at least 6 months before even thinking about evaluating the results.

But what happens after 6 months?

If you see slow growth, you’re on the right path. It’s like starting a campfire. A little spark isn’t a problem; it’s a sign of something big and warm just around the corner.

But let’s say you’ve given it your all, and your audience is flatter than a pancake. Now there’s a problem. Maybe you’re yelling in the wrong forest. You wouldn’t sell ice to Eskimos, would you?

Slow growth is still growth. Sign a 6-month contract. Only panic if you’re stuck at zero.

Your Shelves Are Empty

As an indie creator, relying on ads or sponsorships to make a living is like trying to build a mansion with toothpicks.

It just doesn’t stack up.

Instead, you need to create your own offers. Yup, the kind of offers that allow you to make a decent income, even with a small list. It’s like cooking a gourmet meal in a tiny kitchen.

Totally Doable.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. When you’re juggling between writing for platforms, sending emails, and whatnot, you might find yourself drowning in tasks and lacking the time to create something to sell. It’s like being a street performer, juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle. Sooner or later, something’s got to give.

But Here’s the Kicker: People won’t pay you unless you have something to sell.

Shocking, I know.

If you’re all sizzle and no steak, you’ll leave your audience hungry for more. It’s time to stop dancing around and start serving up something delicious.

The key is finding the right balance. Crafting your offers, writing your content, and not losing yourself in the process. Don’t let the art of creation turn into a soul-sucking chore.

Build your offers. Feed your audience.

You’re Silently Killing Your Email List

Money’s on the List.

But here’s the kicker: Many creators build a list with the enthusiasm of a gold miner striking a rich vein, only to let it gather dust. It’s like finding a golden goose and then forgetting to collect the eggs.

You’ve Worked Hard to Build That List, Now What?

Instead of drowning between social media and other distractions, how about mailing the subscribers you already have? I’m not talking about sending them a greeting card once a year. I mean at least once a week.

Why? Because those subscribers are like plants in your garden. Neglect them, and they wither away.

Your email list is like your own private talk show. These are the fans who’re tuning in each day to hear YOU. And you’re going to leave them hanging, waiting for the show to start?


Sending an email isn’t some Herculean task. It’s just a way to keep the conversation going and the connection alive. It’s your backstage pass to engage with your audience, share your thoughts, make them laugh, make them think, and yes, make them buy.

So, stop chasing new subscribers like they’re Pokémon and start engaging with the ones you’ve got.

Mail your damn list.

You’re Running Out of Ideas (Because You Don’t Use This Essential Tool)

Ever find yourself staring at a blank screen, feeling like your brain has turned to mush?

Welcome to the not-so-exclusive club of idea bankruptcy.

As a Creator, Your Ideas Are Your Currency. It’s like having a magical piggy bank that churns out gold coins. But what happens when you shake it, and all you hear is a hollow echo? Panic time?


Without a proper way to store and retrieve your ideas, you’ll hit writer’s block faster than a cat chasing a laser pointer. It’s frustrating, and it can feel like you’ve lost your creative spark.

The solution is as simple as setting up a note-taking system to save and repurpose your best ideas. It’s like having a pantry stocked with your favorite ingredients. You never have to wonder what’s for dinner.

Imagine having your library of your best thoughts, your most inspiring insights, all in one place. Ready to be mixed, matched, and transformed into something new and exciting.

That’s the power of a well-organized note-taking system. It’s not just about scribbling down thoughts; it’s about creating a well of inspiration you can draw from whenever you need it.

Set up a system, stock it, with your best ideas, and never stare at a blank screen again.

Creating Content Always Feels Like a Heavy Lift

Creating content can be daunting.

It’s like staring at a mountain from the base, wondering how you’ll ever reach the summit. And procrastination? That’s just your brain’s way of telling you it’s scared of the climb.

The problem isn’t the mountain. It’s that you don’t have a map or a Sherpa to guide you. You’re trying to tackle Everest in flip-flops, and that’s why it feels impossible.

The solution? Crafting a process that makes content creation easier, more enjoyable, and less like a never-ending uphill battle.

Think of it as setting up base camps along the way, places where you can rest, refuel, and gear up for the next leg of the journey.

A solid process is like a roadmap to success. It breaks down the seemingly insurmountable task into manageable chunks. It gives you the tools, the guidance, and the confidence to move forward, step by step. And guess what? Before you know it, you’re standing at the summit, waving your victory flag.

I have processes for almost everything:

  • Writing emails
  • Creating courses
  • Coming up with headlines
  • You name it

And here’s the cherry on top: With a process in place, content creation becomes a joy, not a chore. It’s no longer about fearing the climb but embracing the journey.

It’s about finding your rhythm, your flow, and letting creativity take the lead.

So, feeling weighed down by the heavy lifting of content creation? Time to swap the boulder for a backpack and start enjoying the hike.

Craft a process and lighten the load.

The Way You Express Your Ideas Sucks

Templates are a cheat code to create better content, faster.

Each content piece you’ll create is a cocktail of two things: your ideas and the way you express them.

Now, coming up with ideas, that’s the fun part. The note-taking system you have will help you achieve that.

But expressing them the right way, without having to reinvent the wheel each time? That’s where templates come in.

Imagine having a toolbox filled with the perfect tools for every job.

Need to create a sales page? There’s a template for that. Want to write a how-to article? Yup, there’s a template for that too.

Templates help you express your ideas in the right way without agonizing over structure or format. They’re like cooking with a recipe, guiding you step by step until you’ve whipped up something delicious.

And the best part? Once you get the hang of it, you can start adding your flair, your secret ingredients, turning a basic dish into a gourmet masterpiece.

So why make things hard on yourself? Why struggle with structure when you could be focusing on creativity, insights, and engaging your audience?

Use templates.

You Create Content Based on Your Damn Mood

Creating content based on your mood?

Oh boy, let me guess, some days you’re Shakespeare, and other days you’re… well, not even close (to be polite). The problem here isn’t your fluctuating artistic genius; it’s the lack of a plan.

Think about it: If your mood dictates your content, then your content’s consistency is at the mercy of whether you woke up on the right side of the bed. Some days you might feel like conquering the world; other days, conquering the snooze button feels like a win, even after sipping 5 mugs of robusta coffee.

Here’s where a content calendar swoops in like a superhero, saving your creativity from the erratic whims of daily life. Imagine this: On Saturday, you plan out next week’s content.

On Sunday, you create it. On Monday, you edit and schedule it. Boom!

You’ve just turned chaos into a well-oiled machine.

A content calendar is like a roadmap for your creativity. It’s a way to harness your energy, focus your ideas, and channel them into consistent, engaging content.

But wait, won’t this kill spontaneity? Kill creativity? Nope, just the opposite. A content calendar frees you from the stress of “What do I write about today?” It gives you space to think, to breathe, and to create without pressure. It’s your safety net.

So, if you find yourself riding the emotional rollercoaster of content creation, maybe it’s time to step off and find some solid ground. A content calendar isn’t just about organization; it’s about sanity, consistency, and giving your creativity room to soar.

Embrace a content calendar, find your creative groove.

You Waste Your Time In Creating Content (But Don’t Do This)

Creating content isn’t about creating content.

It’s about deep thinking that molds raw ideas into sparkling gems that make people’s jaws hit the floor. It triggers reactions like, “I’ve never seen that before” or “This makes so much sense.”

These a-ha moments aren’t born from the color of your CTA buttons or fancy graphics. Nope, they’re the offspring of serious brain gymnastics, the hidden part of the iceberg that people never see.

The problem is that with no system, you’re wasting your time by allocating too much time to creation. And not enough time to come up with insights.

Thinking, like creating, needs a system.

It needs direction, purpose, and a way to turn those fleeting thoughts into solid content that resonates, engages, and sells.

Imagine your mind as a garden. Left untended, it’s just a jumble of weeds and wildflowers. But with care, attention, and a bit of strategic planning, it becomes a vibrant oasis of ideas, ready to be plucked and shared with the world.

Think first, create second.

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