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If you’re a content creator struggling with writer’s block, this page will show you how to finally kick writer’s block to the curb, find almost unlimited content ideas, and turn any of them into a publishable piece of content in as quickly as humanly possible!


👉You don’t know how to turn a simple idea into a complete publishable piece of content (may it be on social media, your blog, medium, whatsoever)

👉You struggle in showing up every day, rely on motivation, and feel like cr*p on the days you weren’t able to produce something

👉You may have good ideas on some days, but turning them into content is a whole other story…

👉You have the feeling that your content is “missing something” and thus delay publication… forever!

👉You’re afraid of publishing “bad” pieces of content

👉You keep editing and rewriting your content just to realize that you… suck

👉You may even have huge list list of content ideas and things you could write about but you just can’t sit down writing about them…


Then let me share a piece of common sense with you.

(OMG, this sounds boring as hell. Okay, let me rewrite this sentence…)

Hey, let me share an AMAZING SECRET with you!

(Sounds better, eh?)

Here it is:
You’ll be able to achieve (almost) anything in life if you’re… consistent!

Want to lose weight?
I dare you to argue with me that… If you’re consistent in eating less, better, and working out every day… At one time or another, you’ll lose those damn pounds.

It’s only a matter of time.

Agree with me?

And do you know that?
If you have the deep confidence that you’re on the right path changes the whole game.

You see, most people fail in creating content only simply because.. they have NO FAITH in what they’re doing. (Assuming they do the right things,… but that’s another story for another day.) So most people in life don’t believe in themselves…

They are… renegades!

And what happens to renegades who don’t have faith in what they do?
They get slaughtered.

When you have no faith in what you do, you’re empty.
You’re not motivated.
And guess what? You’ll throw the towel at the first hurdle.

I truly don’t care if you’re a writer, a podcaster, or a video-maker.

It all comes down to the same thing: If you want to build a business as a content creator…

You need to create!

(Sounds so obvious, I know.)

But let’s face it:
On some (or even most?) days, creating is hard.

You sit in front of your screen, and then… nothing.
You glare at your screen, your camera, or your mic, and then what?


You know that you need to create, but you can’t.

There’s a huge invisible barrier between you and the creation process.

This is called writer’s block. (I prefer calling it creator’s block, but let’s stick with the hot’n’popular term for the sake of… marketing)

Writer’s block is weird.

Because we all start creating content around something we enjoy, and know (apparently) enough about.

But the hard part? Is that when you have to do what you enjoy consistently.

(Heck, where are the “build your passion business teddy bears?”)

Let me tell you this:
Consistency and overcoming writer’s block is precisely what separates the men from the boys. The amateurs from the pros.

And yes, I know…
There’s always a good reason why you can’t create.

Maybe you’re not in the mood?
Maybe you think that what you’re going to create is not worth sharing (in other terms: you discount yourself…and you certainly don’t want to be the guy who pours out lousy content, right?)
Maybe you feel that “something” is missing and you wait for the right moment…?
Maybe you’re just the guy who can’t finish what he starts…?
Maybe you get bored, feel drained, and want to drop everything after the “initial spark”…?

I get it.
We all have excuses.

But on the flip side, you know deep inside you that overcoming this invisible barrier may be the only thing you need to finally make it.

Because here’s the success formula:
Every creator needs more eyeballs.
How do you get more eyeballs?
By publishing consistently.
If you publish consistently, people are likely to want to know more about you and what you have to offer and ultimately… will buy something from you.

No rocket science. But this is how you build a business:

You have to show freakin’ up!

When you know for a matter of fact, that if you’re consistent enough, then you’re going to get noticed.

It’s just a matter of time.

This is the “faith” I talked about earlier.

Once you have this conviction and trust in the system, there’s a variable you have to get right: Getting rid of writer’s block.

If you want to ERADICATE writer’s block, you may have tried pushing harder…

You may listen to hard rock to motivate the hell out of you.

You may reduce the amount of sleep and wake up at 4 AM taking cold showers… or whatever other craziness.

Look, I don’t believe in the hustle BS.

Yes, you have to chase your dreams….

But you don’t have to be a masochist!

If you’re trying hard and still struggle with writer’s block, trying harder, forcing yourself will just leave you with more resistance and more aversion towards the creation process.

Another common thing is that sometimes you may think you need to do more “research”, or find inspiration online.

This is when the curse of the internet starts to kick in. You finish down an endless deep rabbit hole and lose hours, focus, and bandwidth in just trying to “unblock” yourself with the help of others.
This not only drains your cognitive capacities but also? It forces you to create dead-boring flat content.

Or maybe you’re just waiting for inspiration to hit…
Well, if that’s the case, you’re not a business owner. You’re a hobbyist. Nothing wrong with hobbies. But hobbies don’t pay the bills.

Think of a chef in a restaurant… he could cook for fun.. or he could cook for both fun and profit? Which one would you prefer?

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and the waiter told you: “Sorry, today the chef is not in a great mood. He just waits for inspiration to strike.”

Are you willing to wait?

No matter how good the cook is…


And my belly won’t wait for his inspiration to strike. Sorry, cheffie!

Pro’s show up every day. Amateurs when the inspiration strikes.

True, writing being inspired is great. But you can’t build a business around “inspiration”.

Why? Because inspiration comes and goes.

This brings me back to “writer’s block”… Because writer’s block is being a slave to your mood. No inspiration = No creation.

So what’s the solution to overcome writer’s block?
Glad you asked…

The solution resides in radically transforming your way of thinking about creating a piece of content.

Instead of relying on pushing harder, searching for more, or waiting for inspiration…

You simply start relying on craftsmanship!

When having writer’s block…
…You feel that you don’t have enough to say
…You feel that you’re not in the mood to write
…You feel that your ideas are not good enough
…You feel that something is missing in your content.
…You feel that you may not be good enough.

And the list goes on.

Noticed? Everything starts with “you feel”.

Yes, writer’s block is a feeling. It’s an emotion.

Writer’s block is something you feel inside you. Nobody can see writer’s block except you.
Yes, people may see a blank canvas, the one who decided to be blank is… you.

The problem is when you take emotions too seriously. Or even worse, when you believe in “fake emotions.”

Fake emotions? Yup. Like fake news, there are fake emotions.

Fake emotions are emotions we just made up.

An example? Hollywood.

90% of the movies you watch create fake emotions. The plot, the actors… Everything is made up. Yet, you experience joy, pain, compassion… you may even cry. This drives me to this conclusion:

You can manufacture them!

If you have been struggling with writer’s block, it means that your brain found a way to create a fake emotion based on all the excuses like:
not being good enough, having nothing to say, yada yada yada…

If we can make up destructive emotions like writer’s block…
Why don’t we simply create the right feeling to empower us to create and eradicate writer’s block?

Coming up with the right emotions is a process.

And I have way more to show you.

In fact, I have a complete “hidden toolbox”.

Listen: I’ve been creating content online for over a decade, and everyone who sees my output thinks that I’m a wizard or have a huge team behind me.

But.. this is not true.

I’m a one-man band, a die-hard introvert. I hate working with others and performing at my best when I’m on my own.

(I don’t say it’s a good thing. It’s just the way it is!)

Given my social aversion, I had to develop a radical toolbox to be more efficient and eliminate writer’s block from my process.

(I don’t have an editor, a ghostwriter, or anything else…)

Yeah, writer’s block is nothing else than a waste of TIME!

This is why I’ve created this course originally called:


The tools that you’re going to get access to is what professional and prolific writer use.

It allows you to create content:
👉 Even if you’re not in the mood
👉 Even if you think that your piece of content is bad
👉 Even if you think that you don’t have good ideas

Eliminating writer’s block is the path to consistency. And consistency is one of…

The strongest competitive advantages you can ever develop!

It allows you to be perceived not only as an expert but as a leader.

Even if your English ain’t perfect (as mine).
Even if you’re making types (as I do).

If you have something to say about your niche every day, you’ll inherently stand out.

Not me saying this, but the world’s leading email marketing expert Ben Settle, whom I’ve interviewed on my podcast a few weeks ago.

Ben has been sending daily emails for 12 years. This can tell you something about consistency.

And inherently? He stands out in his niche: email marketing.

All this to say that there are two types of people: those who are consistent and those who aren’t.

Those who get tricked by their emotions and fall into writer’s block, and those who….

Give writer’s block the finger!

Anybody can overcome writer’s block with the right tools.

After creating content for over a decade, I’m the living proof that everybody can be consistent and eliminate writer’s block.

I’ve created a complete “toolbox” to help you overcome writer’s block in almost no time.

Be warned, those tools will NOT make you a better writer overnight.
In fact, becoming better is a long and tedious process.

But on the flip side, the tools I’m going to share will help you show up every day so that you can improve over time.

(Most of them are so easy to implement that you may be surprised how FAST you can punch writer’s block in the face..)

Here’s some of what you’ll learn inside

👉 The “one-sentence” exercise (based on neuroscientific research) that will help you eradicate writer’s block and put you on the right track to start writing even on the bad days

👉 The simple reason why doing more research and looking for what “others do” is the worst thing to do if you run out of ideas and inspiration (Please ditch this toxic behavior right after lesson 3…)

👉 What I use to never start from scratch, and why you need to implement it ASAP. (Hint: it won’t cost you a penny, it’s just a “mental shift” that most people either don’t do or do the wrong way.)

👉 The #1 easiest way to write fast, make mistakes, and bind your audience even more to your “imperfect” pieces of content! (Believe it or not, this will add way more “oomph” to your content than every other grammar hack on the planet)

👉 A content generation method that can help you produce content even on topics that seem saturated, in which you’re not an expert, and on which you may have no clue on how to talk about them for longer than a sentence)

👉 How to “manipulate” your brain and “rewire” it almost instantly to start cranking writing almost on-demand around any topic you’re interested in.

👉 How to write even on days when you’re not in the mood, feel bored, or simply don’t have the mental bandwidth

👉 How to use psychological triggers to eliminate writer’s block (and develop a writing habit) as fast as the next 30 days.

👉 A stupid simple way to never run out of inspiration again (and exactly what to do when inspiration strikes “at the wrong moment, like driving a car or taking a shower)

👉 Why you should never start any piece of content without using this ethical cheating method.

👉 The binary “mind state” technique to write faster and turn even a crappy draft into a “publishable” piece of content

👉 The secret to creating more without too much effort (This will give you an almost unfair advantage in your niche.)

👉 Exactly what to do if you feel that the piece of content you’re creating isn’t perfect (This comes straight from a former CEO of a trillion-dollar company)


Let me ask you a simple question:
How much time did you already lose struggling with Writer’s Block?

At the best, a few days, weeks or even months?

Okay. And how much is your time actually worth?
$20, $50, $100 / an hour … or even more?

Giving the fact that this course will help you save endless hours of frustration…
It will probably pay itself back quickly.

So it’s safe to say that this course will make your investment back at least 10 times if you think of how much content you’ll be able to create (and how much you’ll be able to make out of it!)


I don’t believe in shiny tricks. But if you’re ready to do the work here’s the good news:

You all you need to do is to follow the step-by-step process laid out in this course, get rid of writer’s block.. for real!


You’ll be able not only to get almost an “unlimited” amount of content ideas, but also? Be able to turn any of those ideas into any type of content (from a short tweet… to an entire book!)

I simply dare you to create a piece of content straight after watching the training to demonstrate the power of this toolbox for YOURSELF!


I have total confidence that this course will help.
But don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself for one FULL YEAR.
If after putting this course into practice you still struggle with writer’s block, then I’ll work with you personally 1 on 1 until you eliminate it.

There’s simply NO WAY you can lose!



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