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If you want to create content but struggle with finding your niche, so that you can finally attract the right audience and monetize your knowledge… Then this page will show you how.

You’ll discover how to finally pick the right niche that works for you without spending a lot of time, effort, and mental bandwidth in the process.

Can You Relate?

👉 You’re in constant doubt and not sure what to niche pick.

👉 You have the feeling of everything being saturated.

👉 You’re pulled in too many different directions when it comes to finding your niche.

👉 You don’t know where you’re good at (so that you can bet on your advantages rather than your weaknesses.).

👉 You’re interested in some things, but you doubt (or already know) that there’s little (or no) money to be made in that niche…

👉 You’ve already found a niche that looks interesting… but are still spinning your wheels because of imposter syndrome.

👉 You have too many interests and don’t know what’s the best niche for you.

👉 You’re afraid of missing out on something if you pick one niche (and wonder what to do about your other interests?).

👉 You feel that you have no considerable knowledge about anything (which forces you to stay “broad).

👉 You’ve identified an interesting niche and are afraid of not having enough to say, so you keep being broad.

👉 All this leads you to constantly overthinking the process and find yourself completely overwhelmed with all the contradictory information on the internet.

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above,
read this page carefully.

Let’s face it:

Picking a niche as is Damn hard!

Why? For the simple reason that there’s no “one-size-fits-all solution.”

Picking a niche is not like going to the grocery store and picking up a standardized product from the shelf.


Picking your niche is a personal process. 

It’s not about picking “A” niche…
It’s about picking YOUR niche!

Back in the days, when I was still a rookie in entrepreneurship, I remember watching those 2 hour-long webinars where internet marketing gurus stacked some “fAsT ACtiOns! bOnUsEs”…

The most exciting bonuses ever were those ” 123 profitable HOT niches RIGHT NOW!” Guides.

This was the most newbie-proof bonus that you could ever pour out.

What an idiot.

You see, if you think that anyone can give you a “niche ready to go,” you won’t succeed in the long term.


Because picking a niche is something personal

You truly have to enjoy what you’re talking about.. else, your fire and passion will vanish. You’ll never have the motivation to push through in the moments of true challenges.

And I’m not saying this to endorse the “passion teddy bears” who think that you can build a business ONLY by relying on passion.


But on the flip side, you have to understand that you’re here to build a business. Which means that you have to find a market that ties to your interests.

As with everything in life, there’s a sweet spot.

And the hardest thing is to find this sweet spot. It’s to find the balance between both. This is why..

I don’t believe in “ready-made niches”


The only way that you can find your niche is –well– by finding YOUR niche.

The word “your” is here on purpose.

And when you really think about it, picking a niche is nothing else than a decision-making process.

The problem is that many creators don’t have the “complete decision criteria” they need to make the right choice.

Our brains have a built-in mechanism that makes us avoid making choices if we don’t know how to make them.

Let me explain:

Making decisions is a high-energy sucking task. And guess what? Our brain is programmed to avoid high-energy sucking tasks at all costs. 

(This is why you can’t actively think on a complex problem for more than a “few” hours straight.)

In short, if we don’t know how to make a decision, we fall back to “Analysis-Paralysis” and leave the outcome to randomness, procrastination, and overthinking.

This is one of the reasons pilots or surgeons use checklists and processes.

The task they have to perform (flying a plane or practicing surgery) is mentally draining enough. They don’t have the bandwidth to think about all the other components of the process.

If they were left to think about everything they need to start doing their core job, they would be exhausted before even starting the “real” job.

In short, they have a checklist and a framework. They know what to do and in which order. They’re left with enough mental energy to do their thing.

Without a step-by-step plan, you have to think about 2 problems simultaneously.

The first is knowing what criteria you should have when picking a niche.

The second is to find a solution to those criteria.

Which means that you increase your mental load by 100% when you don’t know the exact process of picking a niche.


While I can’t pick a niche for you… (Nobody can!) What I can do is provide you a simple framework to discover exactly HOW to pick it.

This will allow you only to put your precious mental energy on the right things… But also save 100% of mental bandwidth in the process so that you can enjoy the benefits of finding your niche… FAST!

Having a “checklist” and a roadmap help surgeons and pilots… Why couldn’t it help content creators too?

This is the reason why I’ve decided to create this new training called “Niche Sniper”

This training will guide you through the process of not only finding a niche that you’re passionate about… but also be sure that you can make money out of it!

This video course is designed to show you the exact step-by-step process.

But let me warn you: you need to do the exercices I’m going to share with you… so if you’re looking for a “ready-made profitable niche” kinda training… this is not for you.

I prefer showing you the process that will help you come up with your niche on your own.

True, it’s a little bit of work but on the flip side it’s the only thing that will keep you going.

In fact, it’s an exercise you may only have to do ONCE in your life to enjoy the MANY ongoing benefits.

Here are a only few of them:

1. You’ll get more clarity and focus on what you need to create content around

2. You’ll stop niche-hopping from one thing to another which has been preventing you from growing your followers and building a “true” audience

3. You’ll finally be able to leverage the adage “riches are in the niches”

4. You’ll eradicate the constant doubt of not being sure about your niche

5. You’ll stop spinning your wheels over and over again on the same problem and will have more time and mental bandwidth to focus on creating content that matters.

6. You’ll enjoy creating content because you’re passionate about it (nobody can compete against passion)

7. You’ll not run out of ideas and won’t face boredom because you can follow your curiosity cycles and various interests.

8. You’ll be able to overcome imposter syndrome and the feeling of “not being legit”

10. You can start using your “broad” knowledge to create better content

11. You can leverage your multiple interests at your own advantages and use it as a way to stand out rather than feeling guilty about it.

12. You’ll never be worried again about “not being able to stick to one thing”

13. You’ll stop the awkward voice in your head that whispers that everything is saturated

14. You’ll stop competing against the “big players” and find your own “blue ocean” nobody can compete with.

Yes, picking your niche the RIGHT WAY gives you an UNFAIR advantage over your competition who simply think about “tips’n’tricks”.

What could your life look like if you were able to achieve only a few of the benefits above?

Won’t you think that this could change your whole content creation game?

You can be one of those smart creators who pick their niche the right way and enjoy all the benefits above…

Here’s some of what you’ll learn inside the course:

  • The “one-word” niche that works for people who have too many passions (and freak out when hearing advice like “you have to niche down” and only focus on “one thing.”)
  • Why you don’t need the “best” in your category (and how to ethically be perceived as an expert by your audience even if you’re just starting out)
  • The simple (and common-sense) reason why most people looking to pursue their passion finish up frustrated and throwing the towel
  • How to find the sweet spot between “money” and “passion”
  • How to be sure to find a profitable niche that interests you (so that you’ll be motivated enough to stick to it in the long haul)
  • A simple (yet effective) technique on how to niche down even if – you’re afraid of doing so
  • The foolproof way to pick a niche if you think that you have NO expertise at all and that your knowledge is “too broad.”
  • How to leverage world’s most sophisticated tracking algorithms to spout out valuable niches you may have missed (but yet, are so obvious)
  • How to ethically “spy” on almost any given market and see if it’s profitable or not (without the need to buy any specific “tool”)
  • And much more…


Let me ask you a simple question:
How much time did you already lose in trying to find your niche?

At the best, a few days, weeks or even months?

Okay. And how much is your time actually worth?
$20, $50, $100 / an hour … or even more?

Giving the fact that this course will help you save endless hours of frustration…
It will probably pay itself back quickly.

So it’s safe to say that this course will make your investment back at least 10 times…


I don’t believe in shiny tricks. But if you’re ready to do the work here’s the good news:

You all you need to do is to follow the simple framework,
answer the specific questions I’m going to give you inside
“NICHE SNIPER” to finally find your niche…


I have total confidence that this course will help.
Don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself for one FULL YEAR.
If after putting this course into practice you still struggle with finding your niche I’ll work with you personally 1 on 1 to help you get there.

There’s simply NO WAY you can lose!



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