Frustrated with slow email list growth?

Flood Your List With 1,000 Qualified Subscribers In The Next 30 Days


Dear Friend & Subscriber,

If you’ve ever wanted to quickly fill your email list with hundreds of qualified subscribers WITHOUT having to bust your butt creating content on social media or blogging, and don’t want to waste MONTHS trying to build a profitable list… then this page will show you how.

What if you could grow a profitable email list in just 30 days?

As you’ve likely heard, the big money is in your email list.

It’s a direct line to your audience.

Social media, Medium, or Youtube can be a good way to get in front of an audience, but you’re simply a ‘guest’ on their platform. 

You can be canceled on a ‘whim,’ or your reach can be restricted (it happens a lot). 

Your audience is held hostage by the platform.

On the flip side, an email list is something YOU TRULY OWN.

If one autoresponder shuts you down, you can easily export your emails and switch from one autoresponder to another…

Not only that…

Email is also the MOST PROFITABLE PLATFORM on the internet.

It has been around for DECADES.

When you build an email list, you build something that LASTS.

It’s the cockroach of the internet – indestructible.

And where it counts – money deposited in your bank account – it outperforms social media by miles:

Can You Relate?

👉 You’re looking for an easy way to build your email list with quality subscribers but don’t have the time, nor the bandwidth to spend all day long writing content…

👉 You tried to grow your list with organic content, but are experiencing EXTREMELY SLOW growth.

👉 You want a simple list-building strategy that works and that you can execute within the next 30 days

👉 You might be considering creating content but don’t want to spend MONTHS in building an email list.

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above,
read this page carefully.

But let’s be frank…

Growing an email list ‘the classic way’
Is Not Only Damn Hard…
But Also a huge time-suck

You put your whole heart into:

  • Coming up with ideas,
  • Trying to create good content,
  • Hit ‘publish’ as frequently as possible

and then… nothing.

Heck, your content was supposed to attract email subscribers… not crickets.

It’s like you’re invisible, screaming into an empty void.

Seeing others build emails of thousands of subscribers stings and keeps adding to your frustration.

Their lists keep growing day after day…

While you’re over here struggling for a couple signups every now and then.

What’s their secret sauce?

Why does it seem so EASY for them and so HARD for you?

You’ve searched for all the tips and tricks to attract quality subscribers on your list…

But when those “guaranteed” strategies flop for you, you start questioning everything. “Am I just not cut out for this? Is my stuff not good enough?”

That nagging inner voice gets LOUD.

You bust your butt following all the “rules”…

But it still feels like there’s some secret handshake everyone was taught but you.

What gives?

It just feels completely overwhelming and uphill.

You got into this to help others and share your expertise.

Not being forced to become an online marketing mastermind overnight…

All the hustle and pressure weighs you down. You catch yourself thinking “Is this really even worth it?”

No matter how you look at it: Building your list is as slow as watching grass grow.

You also know that the reason why your content isn’t making the money you want… is directly correlated to the microscopic size of your email list.

If that’s the case, I know what you’re feeling.

Because I was in the exact same situation not that long ago.

Growing My Audience Was A Disaster For Almost 3 Years In A Row…

I’ve been creating content for over a decade.

And I was able to build two 6-figure businesses on the back of ORGANIC growth.

Organic growth is great. But it’s PAINFULLY slow.

In fact, I recommend creating content on platforms like Youtube, Medium, or your blog to get the long-term benefits organic traffic offers…

However, be prepared to write in a vacuum for a few months… or even a few years.

When I started building a new email list back in 2020, I didn’t want to wait at least six months or more to get noticed.  

I wanted to grow fast.

So I gave organic content the finger.

A lot of successful creators talk about how they could get traffic on demand using ads.

So this is what I did.

I started to advertise on Facebook…

I ended up wasting over $7,319.21 on Facebook ads until Facebook banned me for life – as they do with so many others:

Sure, I ended up with a few subscribers, but they turned out to be expensive and not very engaged.

Not to mention that managing Facebook ads is damn complicated…

I then turned to running Google (YouTube) ads…

It took me several weeks to:

  • craft a video script, 
  • record the video, 
  • edit it, 
  • trying to find the right targeting… 

It kinda worked at the beginning – I was able to get a few subscribers (who also bought products).

However, YouTube ads long-term was just unsustainable because the cost of acquiring subscribers was too high at $10+.

Conclusion: Running ads is a science in itself.

And I didn’t want to work with an agency that would take $3,000 to $5000 a month to manage my ads on top of the ad spend.

I went back to organic traffic

I started creating (almost) daily Youtube videos

After struggling with it for more than six months, I was able to gather around 350 email subscribers.

But this wasn’t enough when you take into consideration how much time I spent creating those videos…

I then tried to grow by writing a LOT of content for Medium, and I got lucky because within my first 4 months, some of my articles went viral.

And I was able to build a list of several thousand subscribers.

But most of the people I attracted were not the right fit for my business. 

Yes, they were interested in note-taking, but they were not necessarily interested in content creation. 

So I had two choices: either continue writing about note-taking or delete the vast majority of my subscribers. 

I chose option number two, and here I was again with less than 1,000 subscribers at the beginning of 2023…

So I had to almost start over…

I wrote SEO optimized articles who now bring in subscribers like clockwork.

But as you see, it’s slow (the snapshot below is over a 16 months period.)

Meanwhile, I saw people blowing up on social media.

This strategy works to build your list…

But social media was never my thing because I’m a diehard introvert.

Constantly having to follow notifications and engage with others might be a way to grow… but I wasn’t willing to pay that price.

Because you can’t grow on social without interacting with others…

I’ve interviewed many social media creators on my podcast and they almost all revealed that they spent at least ONE YEAR before getting any significant traction.

Today, my email list has over 4,000 subscribers and I’m making a healthy living out of my list each month.

All this to say that…

No matter How Much pain you’re experiencing In growing your list…
I Understand Every Bit Of it because I went through all of that Myself

But before showing what changed the game for me, let me tell you this:

Struggling to grow your email list is NOT your fault

The mainstream list-building strategies all take an incredible amount of:

→ Time
→ Energy
→ And frankly… a damn lot of patience to crack the code.

It’s not because your content sucks or because you’re not cut out for this… 

It’s simply because of the system you’ve been using until know.

But here’s the good news…

What if there was a Shortcut to Piggyback on the Years Other Content Creators Have Invested to Grow a Big, Responsive Email List?

This way is not only easier to set up a Facebook ad or Google ad campaign… but also won’t take months to see the results as it’s the case with organic content.

Yes, it might cost you a bit of money upfront (we’re talking hundreds – not thousands!)

But hey, there’s no free lunch: Growing an audience will cost you something.

Either you’re going to invest money or a lot of time.

The solution that I’m going to share with you doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time, and you can do this on a shoestring budget…

It’s very simple and doesn’t require you to become a “great marketer.”

In fact, it works extremely well if you have an expertise and want to monetize it with online courses…

It’s also something that is OVERLOOKED by most creators… simply because they have NO CLUE on how to do this…

It’s also a solution that doesn’t require you to create content every day…

In fact, ONE PIECE of content could be enough to grow your list on almost autopilot…

This new way is called: STRATEGIC SPONSORSHIPS

Sponsorships are like ads, but better.

Instead of dealing with all the hassles of running ads with a massive corporation who doesn’t give a shit about you like Meta or Google…

You can get your lead magnet in front of your ideal audience…

While they’re reading and clicking on an email from another small online content creator just like you.

Here’s an example what I mean:

(Above is an ad I ran to a list of over 12,413 subscribers.)

Here’s how it works:

Instead of investing months or years trying to build your list using the classic ways… 

You’re going to piggyback on other creators who’ve already invested that time or money to build their list.

Then, all you have to do is ask to sponsor their content. 

You’ll be astonished how EASY it can be because many creators are looking for additional sources of revenue.

Which means that they’ll happily send their audience to YOUR NEWSLETTER to GROW YOUR LIST with quality subscribers!

Imagine your list filling up with dozens (or even hundreds) of new subscribers each time you run a sponsorship…

Not only is this CHEAPER than running ads on Meta(Facebook) or Google…

But it also ensures you get in front of your target audience FAST.

It doesn’t require you to set up:

❌ any complicated tech,

❌ learn complicated targeting,

❌ or set up a 32-step sales funnel…

All you have to do is to create a simple lead magnet… and write no more than a few lines of text. 

Here are a few results I’ve been getting lately using this method :

👉 Last week, a sponsorship for $40… already brought in $294 in sales.

👉 Back in October, a sponsorship for $50… brought in over $3,194 in sales.

👉 Or another one in January for me $100… brought in $388 in sales.

Not all your sponsorships will give you that stupid ROI…

But those who do will pay for the rest!

Plus, if you’re willing to do things as I’m going to show you… then most of your sponsorships might pay themselves back in as quickly as 14 days…

Strategic Sponsorships are the Best for beginners to build their list in 2024

Here’s why:

🚀 Reason #1: Sponsorships build your list fast

Instead of slowly building up organic content, you get instant access to an engaged audience, skipping the wait for ‘algorithms’ to pick up your content.

Forget about the  high costs with uncertain ROI on ‘normal’ ads or writing content on platforms…

Email publishers are generally small business owners just like you…instead of a big faceless corporations who hide behind rules they never name…and cancel you at a moment’s notice.

👌 Reason #2: Sponsorships attract the right subscribers

What’s the point of building a huge email list if people aren’t reading your emails?

When you build your list using Strategic Sponsorships, the subscribers you attract come from OTHER NEWSLETTERS…

Which means that these kind of people:

  • Open
  • Read
  • & Click emails

They’re the type of people you WANT on an email list. 

Put this into contrast with people who sign up from social media..

They’re conditioned to get information and respond on social media. 

Email subscribers get information and respond to emails… Just like you’re going to be sending them.

Reason #3 : Sponsorships build instant credibility

This benefit is probably the most overlooked.

When people see your sponsorship in a newsletter they already read and trust… some of this trust will be transferred to you, even if you’re a complete beginner. Which means that you immediately stand out as an authority… and will increase the quality of your relationship with those subscribers. 

🏖️ Reason #4: Sponsorships are easy to scale and will save you shitloads of time

Once you have a sponsorship that builds your list like crazy, you can easily run the same campaign multiple times in that list…and you can use the EXACT same ad with multiple other publishers to grow your list even faster. 

This is the reason why I’ve created a course called:

Subscribers From Scratch™

It’s a self paced course that you can access 24/7

Course duration: ~90 minutes

Here’s some of what you’ll discover in this course:

Module 1: How to Find Dozens of Potential Sponsorships  in Just One Afternoon

👉 How to use the hidden search functions in Google To unveil dozens (if not hundreds) of potential newsletters in your niche in just a few seconds

👉A surprisingly simple way to find dirt-cheap sponsorships (and the astonishing reason why they convert even BETTER than “mainstream” opportunities & big influencers – who, by the way, often overcharge for their sponsorship slots!)

👉Where to find and how to leverage “lost creators” who are HUNGRY to promote your list for under $100! (Most of the time, those sponsorships are going to OUTPERFORM any other slots you could get.)

👉 The secret search engine that you probably NEVER heard of… That  will allow you to find DOZENS of CHEAP sponsorship opportunities in a single afternoon (works in almost ANY niche by  ethically exploiting a “weak spot” on their website)

Module 2: How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet That Attracts Hungry Subscribers in 15 Minutes (Or Less)

👉2 types of lead magnet you need to run a profitable campaign.. and exactly how to create them step by step

👉 The exact word-for-word sentence you need to put at the very top of your lead magnet… to make people “almost” instantly trust you in less than 5 seconds 

👉 How to create a valuable lead magnet in less than 15 minutes that  your audience will love to read (you could do this in even less time if you use the AI prompt I’m going to show you)

👉 Why you never want to give away an ebook as a lead magnet… and what to do instead

Module 3: The Simplest Way to Create A High-Converting Landing Page (with ANY autoresponder or email service)

👉 A total newbie-proof way to create a simple landing page that looks professional in under 30 minutes (model the same proven designs used by marketers spending  5,6 and sometimes even 7 figures each year on ads)

👉 How to track the performance of each of your campaigns… without having to invest in expensive tracking software (know exactly how many subscribers and how much money is earned from each of your sponsorships)

👉 Why you NEVER want to use ‘ready-made’ landing page templates in your autoresponder… and a very simple template you can steal to drive in more subscribers to your list.

Module 4: How to Cherry-Pick the Best Publishers for Your Sponsorship

👉 The exact step by step process to ‘screen’ publishers … and only run ads with those that are the most likely to generate the most subscribers and income for you

👉 How to get your direct competitors to HAPPILY promote your email list…even if you’re just getting started and don’t have any traffic to your website yet

👉 A simple “excuse” you can use to get featured on MASSIVE email lists… without having to pay the hefty price tag of “minimum budget requirements”

Module 5: How to Write Your Sponsorship in 10 Minutes

👉An astonishing simple way to write a profitable ad – even if you never written one before 

👉 There are only 3 types of ad you should use… and simple fill in the blanks templates for each of them

👉 The EXACT STRATEGY you need to follow to write your sponsorships to grow a profitable audience… FAST (this is perfect if you have a 9-5 and can’t spend ALL YOUR DAY creating ‘free’ content to build your list)

👉 Forget scratching your head to write a professional sponsorship that gets subscribers to click… Instead, use this simple technique to get access to the best converting sponsorships for (almost) every publisher you work with… and without having to lift a finger nor hire an expansive copywriter!

👉 A stupid simple way to make AI almost write your whole ad for you…

By The End Of This Course You’ll:

✅ Know exactly how find and to run profitable sponsorships to grow your list

✅ Be able to start a profitable list from almost day 1 – without having to wait for ‘organic content’ to take off

✅ Have a list that will allow you to monetize your expertise

Join Today & Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

1️⃣ 📝Copy & Paste Templates

This bonus alone will help you save at least 2 hours

This handout includes all the templates you can use to:

  • Reach out to publishers
  • Write your lead magnet
  • And all the templates for your sponsorship ads…

2️⃣ 🦾 AI Prompts

This bonus alone will help you save at least 1 hour

This handout includes all the AI prompts that will help you write:

  • Your ads
  • Your landing pages
  • And even your lead magnets!

That way you’ll be able to get all of this done in MINUTES… instead of HOURS!

(And don’t worry: your content won’t sound like a soulless bot!)

3️⃣ 🗺️ Course Mindmap

You don’t need to take notes..

Simply download the mindmap and have everything you need ready at your fingertips for easy reference:

4️⃣ 💸 Bonus Course: How to get paid to build your email list at a profit!

This bonus alone can make you hundreds of dollars in the first 14 days for each sponsorship you run.

Most people would be happy to pay to build an email list fast… and avoid the agonizing wait of organic traffic to take off.

In this bonus, I’m going to show you exactly how to literally get paid to build your list.

The strategies I’m going to show you allowed me to get an insane 7,885% ROI on one of my sponsorships…

They also allow me to get my money back in 14 days (& build my list at no cost & mostly for a net profit…)

That way, I can continue investing in sponsorships and grow my list while getting paid for doing so…

And in this 39-minute extra bonus course, I’ll unpack this strategy for you so that you can apply it to your business and get the same results.

5️⃣ 🥷 Bonus Course: Negotiation Ninja™: How To Get Top Sponsorship Spots For Up to Half The Price

This bonus alone can save you up to 46.3% of the listed sponsorship price.

It will show you how to minimize costs, maximize sponsorship value, and swell your subscriber base to build your email list for even less!

A few years back, I was negotiating 5-figure purchase orders with suppliers from my ecom brand. This taught me a things or two about how to become a good negotiator and (almost) never pay the full price I originally got quoted.

I then applied the same principles to sponsorships.

As an example, I recently negotiated a spot that was listed for $195… to $105.

That’s 46.3% off.

Or another one listed for $229 for $200…

That’s another 12.6% off…

Since I bought two slots, I saved $58 by using a SIMPLE sentence that I’ll reveal in this bonus.

This bonus course will show you how you can do the same – even if you’re a total noob at negotiation… or completely hate it (as I did – until I saw that it can save me cash without being a jerk.)

↓ ↓ ↓




ONLY $197

🔐 ✅ Secure Checkout
🛡️ 100% List Growth Guarantee

This Course Will Pay For Itself at least 10 times

How much time & energy have you already lost trying to grow your list?

A few hours here and there?

Okay. And how much is your time worth?

Let’s say $150. Simply do the math…

If all this course did was save you 2 hours… then it already paid for itself.


This methodology works.

I’m using it in my business RIGHT NOW.

I’m not holding anything back. You’ll see EVERYTHING.

Get the course. Go through all the bonuses. Apply the strategy.

If you don’t see an email list subscriber growth (even as a complete beginner) simply let me know within 30 days… I’ll be happy to help you out personally. And if nothing works out…

Then you’ll get your FULL MONEY BACK.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a newsletter sponsorship?
A: A sponsorship is when you pay a newsletter’s creator to talk about your lead magnet and send some of their most responsive subscribers to join your email list.

Q: Does this work even if I don’t have a list yet (or only a few subscribers?)
A: Yes. This is perfect for beginners starting from zero, because you don’t need a list yet.

Q: What if I’ve never written an ad before?
A: Module 5 got you covered. Module 5 has you covered, giving you my exact templates and even showing how to let AI do it for you.

Q: How do I find newsletters to sponsor?
A: That’s exactly what the first module of the course will show you.

Q: How much does it cost to sponsor a newsletter?
A: It varies. The average price I pay for sponsorship price is $150… Some were as low at $40… some climbed up to $280. But all of my sponsorships paid for themselves. That’s what Bonus 4 shows you how to do…

Q: How do I know if the sponsorship worked?
A: Module 3 shows you the easy way to track every sponsorship and know exactly how many subscribers and income you generated.

Q: Can I sponsor more than one newsletter at a time?
A: Yes, sponsoring multiple newsletters can help you reach more people.

Q: How long before I see results from a sponsorship?
A: You’ll see sign-ups the same day the sponsorship goes out.

Q: Do I need a big budget to start with newsletter sponsorships?
A: No, you don’t need a lot of money to start. Some newsletters have lower prices but still reach a lot of interested readers.

I’d recommend starting with an overall budget of $500-$1,000, although you can get started with less!




ONLY $197

🔐 ✅ Secure Checkout
🛡️ 100% List Growth Guarantee

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