How Online Writers Can Make $100,000 A year


Dear Friend & Subscriber,

If you’re a writer (or want to become one) & have 2 hours a day and a burning desire to finally live your life on your own terms…

Then this page will show you a simple system that has the potential to generate $100,000 a year by merely writing a few hundred words a day.

Imagine this…

You wake up…

Head over to your favorite coffee shop, back porch, park or desk…

Open your laptop…

Write for an hour or two about stuff you’re interested in… 

And then you’re done for the day.

Not only does your day belong to you and you’re living on your terms…

But you’re also generating a full-time income from your writing, seen as an authority in your niche, and helping thousands of people around the world…

That’s the power of writing. 

Can You Answer “Yes” To One of These questions?

👉 You want to start writing on the internet, grow your audience, monetize your knowledge and live on your own terms.

👉 You’ve already been writing online… but your earnings don’t match up to your expectations

👉 Looking for a quick plan to start making money from your writing in just 2 hours a day… without having to write non-stop?

👉 You want a clear path to start earning from your writing within the next 60 days, without the headache of endless content creation?

👉 Are you thinking about monetizing your knowledge but dread the thought of wasting all that time and energy…without anyone noticing for months or even years?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above,
read this page carefully.

Making Money Writing ‘the classic way’ Is Not Only Damn Hard… But Also a huge time-suck

Many invest months or even years without getting traction.  

According to the Author’s Guild…

The majority of authors would be living below the poverty line if they solely relied on their writing income!

Making money from writing online isn’t just tough…

It’s like trying to push a boulder uphill.

Perhaps you’ve alread put everything you’ve got into:

→ Picking topics you think will hit big…

→Writing your heart out…

→Hitting ‘publish’ and hoping for the best…

And then?

Nada. Zilch.

Your writing was supposed to be your ticket to earning big from your passion… but all you hear are crickets.

It’s like you’re invisible, writing into a black hole, and wasting your precious hours doing so…

Seeing other writers rake in cash and celebrate their wins hurts.

It’s like they’ve got it all figured out…

While you’re stuck trying to get even a handful of people to notice your work.

What’s their trick?

Why does it look so easy for them and so impossible for you?

Perhaps you’ve tried all the tips and hacks out there to pull in some cash with your writing…

But when those “can’t-miss” strategies miss by a mile, you start second-guessing everything. “Is my writing just not good enough?”

That little voice in your head starts getting louder.

You’re doing everything “right”…

But it still feels like you’re missing out on some big secret that everyone else knows.

It’s just overwhelming and feels totally unfair

You started this to share what you know and make some money doing it.

Not to get lost in a sea of marketing gimmicks…

The constant chase and pressure start weighing you down. 

You find yourself thinking, “Is all this effort even worth it?”

No matter how you slice it, trying to make money as a writer is slow going.

And deep down, you know that the real reason you’re not making the money you want is because you’re not reaching enough people…

If this sounds about right, I feel you.

I was right where you were not too long ago.

My First Years Making Money With My Writing Were A Bloody Disaster

I first started writing online back in 2011 and made almost all the mistakes someone could make.

At that time, I was a broke student, living with less than $480 a month.

I had no expertise. I had no experience. And I was a terrible writer.

But after sticking to writing for a few months, I started to suck a bit less.

And my blog started to attract visitors…

But monetizing them was a whole other story.

It felt that writing and driving visitors was a battle in itself…

Now I had to find a way to monetize these readers.

I made a few dollars here and there from:

  • Affiliate offers
  • Google Adsense
  • & a few products I was selling on my ecommerce store… 

But nothing that could pay my bills and allow me to live the writer’s lifestyle I was dreaming of.

As many writers do…

I Also wrote a Kindle book that nobody purchased

I struggled for 24 months trying to make it work until I finally gave up and started freelancing.

Freelancing gave me a way to start paying the bills with my writing.

But the problem with freelancing is that I wasn’t able to scale. 

I had to show up every day, sit in front of the computer, and write.

If I wanted to make more money, I had to increase the time spent in front of the computer.

Which I ultimately did…

Until one day, I started to feel pain from the bottom of my back to the tip of my right toes.

At the beginning, it was just kind of a disturbing feeling.

But the days passed… 

The pain became stronger and stronger. I wasn’t able to sit anymore.

I couldn’t do anything except lie down.

There was probably something wrong with my back… But only an MRI could help uncover the root cause.

I continued writing in agony waiting for an MRI appointment for two painful weeks. 


when you’re a freelancer, the money stops if you stop writing

The MRI results came in.

The diagnosis was simple.

My L5-S1 nerve was so severely pinched that only surgery could save me.

So I had to put everything on hold and get my health fixed first.

Even with the surgery, I haven’t been able to sit more than two hours straight at a desk.

I still have chronic back pain, and it just seems that I have to live with it.

Over the years, I was forced to discover a new system to make a great living with a simple and profitable writing business. 

And also it doesn’t require you to sit 10 hours a day at a desk.

Today, my writing generates over $100k/year.

And the good news is that you can apply it too, if you’re open minded and willing to do things differently.

I call it “The $100k Online Writing System.”

Why $100k?

Not because it’s trendy or looks cool…

Simply because in most parts of the world $100k a year is the type of income that will give you the freedom you want.

But the system I’m about to unfold doesn’t put any limitations on your income.

The sky’s the limit if you dedicate yourself to it.


It does NOT require you to hire third-party contractors…

It does NOT require you to morph into a tech or marketing guru…

It’s also very beginner friendly.

In fact, it’s probably one of the most straightforward systems you’ve ever come by… And that’s on purpose.

I like to keep things simple so that can fully enjoy the laidback lifestyle writing on the internet.

But I don’t want you to get fooled by its simplicity.

In fact, it’s so simple that you can start applying it within the next a few days…

And this no matter if you’re totally new to writing… or if you’ve already been writing for years.

You won’t need to spend every waking moment chained at your computer like a slave.

It doesn’t hinge on producing endless streams of content.

Because single piece of well-crafted work can set the wheels in motion, spiraling your subscriber list into a vibrant community hanging on your every word.

It’s perfect for writers with a deep well of knowledge eager to share (and sell) their insights through books, courses, or exclusive content…

But let me clear upfront…

This system is not about getting followers.

It’s not about becoming a famous influencer either.

It’s about making money writing about your expertise!

Before telling you more about it…

Let me show you how I simplified my business so that I can spend 2 hours a day writing about stuff I’m passionate about – all that with my broken back.

Here’s exactly how writers (even mediocre ones) can earn $100k/a year with a strategy as simple as “ABC”… 

The system is simple. There are 3 parts to it.

Step 1: Attract readers

Nobody will pay for your writing if they don’t know you exist.

Most writers get stuck in this phase by merely chasing metrics like:

  • followers
  • website traffic
  • or social media pat-on-the-backs.

An effective acquisition strategy is not about vanity metrics…

But about the quality of the people who sign up to your email list.

You don’t need a hundred thousand followers to run a profitable writing business.

You need a few hundred qualified email subscribers.

So, where should you actually start writing?

On social media, your blog, or somewhere else?

Well, there’s a platform that pays you money for your writing…even if you’re a beginner.

And not only that. It will also allow you to build your audience and email list at the same time.

This platform is called Medium.

Medium is a platform with 140+ million monthly readers:

Readers on Medium pay $5 a month to read unlimited content.

And they share a portion of their revenue with their writers with the Medium Partner Program:

So Medium allows you to tap into their pool of 140+ million readers and get paid for doing so.

All you have to do is write articles and publish them on the platform (I suggest an article a day.)

Each month I write on Medium, I generate somewhere from $200-$700:

Step 2: Build a relationship
If you write consistently on Medium for the next 30 days, people are going to start reading your work, and also make some pocket money…

This is good.

But it’s not enough.

While Medium is going to pay you a few hundred bucks per month (if you follow my system…) you still want a direct line to your readers so that they can buy something from you…

That’s why you want to build an email list with your readers.

An email list gives you a direct line to your readers…

So that you can then launch your own products without having to rely on any other platform.

James Clear, the author of “Atomic Habits,” grew his email list to over 1 million subscribers before ever publishing his book…

By nurturing this massive audience through his weekly newsletters, he leveraged his email list to drive over 300,000 pre-orders for his book…

Making it an instant bestseller without relying on traditional publishing channels or platforms.

His secret? Building an email list.

Step 3: Convert Your Audience into income

Now that you have an audience who knows, like, and trust your writing it’s time to cash in on your writing.

The best way to do that is to create an info product.

This could be a book, an email course, or something else.

Using my system will help you use most of the content you’re already written… and “repackage it” into an info product during a weekend and start making sales.

I’ve created 92+ infoproducts in the last 10 years and it has been one of the best ways to generate a steady and predictable income as a writer.

I’ve discovered dozens of unique ways to optimize this system to help you generate $100k (or more) from it each year…

And I’ve packed all of them into my new course called…

The $100K Online Writing System

A self paced course that you can access 24/7

Course duration: ~3 hours

Here’s some of what you’ll discover in this course:

Module 1: Getting Your Writing Ready For Takeoff

👉 The 2 simple criteria that will ensure your writing has the potential to hit $100,000 in revenue (this alone will give you the confidence to stick to it for long enough to get results)

👉 3 ways to find an expertise to write about that you’ll enjoy, you’ll have gobs of content to share, and quality customers are desperately searching online

👉 How to establish a “stress-free” publishing schedule to be consistent, stand out, and get noticed

👉 How to make people care about your writing, follow you online, and share what you write with their friends

👉 An almost “instant way” to establish yourself as an expert (and kick imposter syndrome to the curb)

👉 How to start writing online (even if you don’t have an expertise)

Module 2: How to find UNLIMITED ideas to write about

👉 My “content-matrix” to come up with 120 content ideas for your articles in just 10 minutes. (This should be enough to keep you writing for the next 6 months!)

👉 How to beat writer’s block to know exactly what to write about, save time, and produce more content faster

Module 3: How to write click-attracting headlines

👉 A total newbie-proof way to write headlines that get clicks

👉 How to write better headlines that attract your ideal readers and get more shares (without being clickbaity)

👉 The number #1 mistakes most newbie writers do… that makes their articles go unnoticed.

Module 4: Prep your writing for maximum impact & distribution

👉 The exact outlining method to turn your articles into emails, book chapters, and even course lessons

👉 How to subtly persuade your readers to read your writing, spark engagement and ultimately buy your infoproducts by using the IMPACT™ framework

👉 How to turn one article into 3,5 or even 10 articles with the same “ideas” while holding your audience’s laser-focused attention in the process

👉 The easiest (and also fastest) way to outline your medium story for maximum engagement and success

Module 5: How to write articles that get read

👉 Why you never want to write and edit at the same time (and the exact amount of time you should leave between these tasks to produce content that people rave about)

👉 The 3-step template to write introductions that hook your readers (and increase your read time & earnings)

👉 The 6 elements to weave into your articles to make your writing addictive…so readers can’t put them down and are looking for their next fix

👉 The 5 types of images you can use to illustrate your articles like a pro and stand out

Module 6: Increase Your Reach By Ethically Hijacking Existing Audiences

👉 The exact strategy to get more traction on Medium and get more readers

👉 How to get approved in top publications and increase your chances of your articles getting read by 1000s of readers

👉 The quickest way to get more visibility on Medium (even when you’re just starting out.)

Module 7: Attract Your Best Readers On Your Email List With A Lead You’ll Create In Just 15 Minutes

👉 2 types of lead magnet you need to run a profitable campaign… and exactly how to create them step by step

👉 The exact word-for-word sentence you need to put at the very top of your lead magnet… to make people “almost” instantly trust you in less than 5 seconds (even if you have the feeling that other writers might be more ‘legit’ than you)

👉 How to create a valuable lead magnet in less than 15 minutes that your audience will love to read (you could do this in even less time if you use the AI prompt I’m going to show you)

👉 Why you never want to give away an ebook as a lead magnet… and what to do instead to attract motivated readers and buyers to your list

Module 8: How to Write Persuasive Emails In Less Than 10 Minutes

👉 How to turn 1 article into 3-4 emails that your readers want to read using my fractal email writing system… so that you don’t have to create multiple types of content… (and will help you look more prolific than 90% of writers who do this full-time)

👉 The 2 modifications (that take less than 5 minutes) you absolutely need to make to turn your articles into emails… (Best part: Probably nobody will notice that your content is “recycled”)

👉 The exact number of emails you should be sending before even pitching your infoproduct

👉 2 very simple ways to start your emails with… so that your audience can’t resist reading them

👉 How to (almost) profit from every email you send by gently pitching your infoproduct – without sounding like a jerk

Module 9: Create Your First Infoproduct In A Weekend

👉 A 7-step easy-to-follow template to turn any simple idea into a compelling course lesson so that you’ll never have to worry about not having enough to say.

👉 A 155-word prompt you can use in ChatGPT (or any other AI) to come up with 5 great course ideas in less than 12 seconds (& make sure your course is going to hit the secret ‘pain and pleasure’ button of your audience)

👉 The 5 specific infoproducts formats (and the one I highly recommend when you’re just starting out)

👉 The painless way to create your first infoproduct (I’ve created products far away from my computer because of back pain like while going on walks or driving… and how you can do the same.)

👉 3 ways to find your first infoproduct idea (and the way that works the best)

👉 How to “repackage” content you’ve already published… And the 2 reasons why your readers will happily pay you for.

👉 A very effective way to keep your infoproduct refund rate below 1% and only attract happy customers so that you can keep more money in your pocket (this is extremely useful knowing that many infoproducts have a 10% refund rate… Which might ultimately get you banned or put on ‘hold’ by payment providers like PayPal or Stripe)

👉 3 highly-profitable ways to increase your infoproduct sales that will take you less than 15 minutes to set up…

👉 The 13-word sentence to add on your infoproduct sales page (and emails) to make even the biggest procrastinators buy your product (almost) on the spot – without being salesy

👉 And much, much more…

By The End Of This Course You’ll:

✅ Have A Simple Follow You Can Follow To Turn Your Writing Into A Full-Time Income

✅ Know Exactly How To Attract (& Monetize) Readers Using The Simple “ABC” Framework

✅ Be Able To Work From Anywhere You Want In Just 2 Hours A Day

Join Today & Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

🎁 BONUS 1: My 30-Minute Article Rocket-Fast Writing Process

Who said that writing an article needs to take time?

After publishing 211 stories on Medium, I’ve fine-tuned my writing process in such a way that it only takes me 30 minutes to write an article (that even gets accepted in the LARGEST Medium publications!)

I’ll hand you over the exact same process. You’re allowed to ethically steal and replicate it to fuel your Medium growth.

🎁 BONUS 2: The Killer Headline Secret Swipe File

Getting more views becomes easier when you know how to craft great headlines.

This unique document is a compilation of the best headlines I’ve seen on the platforms so that you can model them.

This bonus will show you how to write better headlines (without being clickbaity).


Learn how to leverage AI to:

  • generate story ideas
  • proofread your Medium stories & make them typo-free
  • improve your stories to reach more readers
  • come up with click-attracting headlines in just 3 minutes

This bonus includes copy-and-paste prompts I never shared publicly until today to get more views (and make more money) specifically on Medium! (Not generic garbage prompts)

🎁 BONUS 4: How To Build Your Daily Writing Habit In 10 Minutes (Or Less)

This audio program will show you how to start writing consistently, strengthen your daily writing muscle so that you can create more content easily, even on the “bad” days (and without the unnecessary need to rely on “motivation”).

This System Allows Me To Make Over $100k+ As An Online Writer 

With this proven system, you can start generating substantial income on autopilot, just like I have.

Now, I can’t promise you’ll make exactly the same figures.

But I can guarantee you won’t make a single penny by sitting on the sidelines.

Even if this system only helps you sell 4 of your own products or services at $99 you’d already recoup your investment…

So if you don’t want to spend months or years watching other writers profit from their writing…

Then it’s time to take action and join my course. 

Together, we’ll build out your own profitable writing system from scratch.



🔐 ✅ Secure Checkout
🛡️ Results Guarantee

This Course Will Pay For Itself at least 10 times

How much is a system that can generate $100k each year worth to you?

And how much time & energy have you already lost trying to monetize your writing?

A few hours here and there?

Okay. And how much is your time worth?

Let’s say $150. Simply do the math…

If all this course did was save you 2 hours… then it already paid for itself.


This system works.

Watch all the videos. Go through all the bonuses. Put the system into practice.  

Publish at least 10 articles based on the principles of the course. Link these articles to your optin offer so you can start generating new subscribers.

If after following the system, you don’t see your list begin to grow, then contact me for a full refund of the course within 30 days of purchase.

If you’re serious about it… there’s no way you can lose.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For which type of writers is this system for?
A: For non-fiction writers who are writing about one of these topics: Personal Development, Sales & Marketing, Business, Health, Love & Relationships, Fitness & Weight Loss, Saving & Investing, Tech (Coding & Development.) or a combination of several of those topics (i.e: “health for busy CEOs” fits in health & business)

If you have a doubt whether or not your expertise can work with this system… simply let me know BEFORE purchasing and I’ll let you know if this can work for you or not.

Q: What if I don’t have any expertise?
A: The first module will show you 2 easy ways to find an expertise… an another way to pick a profitable niche even if you have absolutely no expertise.

Q: Does this work even if I don’t have a list yet (or only a few subscribers?)
A: Yes. This is perfect for beginners starting from zero, because you don’t need a list yet.

Q: Do I need a website?
A: No. You don’t need a website to get started.

Other questions?

Shoot → [email protected]



🔐 ✅ Secure Checkout
🛡️ Results Guarantee

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